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I plan to do a reformat and install a clean new OS on my computer sometime next week. But am not sure whether to use windows 98SE or WinME? My main question is this. While am sure that ME can run most games and major software packages out there fine and without problems, but what about the smaller stuff. I have dozens of those little self contained shareware programs and utilities that we all love. From things to enhance system performace to little programs that do certain things for games and such. Do most of those programs run fine on ME? I know lots would not run on 2000 but what about ME. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. I'd stick to 98SE. Most people have so many problems with ME and its so bugged that they just put 98 back in. Besides do you really think Microsoft is gonna make any service packs for ME when Windows XP is almost out? Me and 2000 was just to make some quick cash. Don't you just love marketing tactics? Especially when 98 and Me was just a dressed up version of 95. Did we really need 3 versions of 95 (95a,b,c) and 2 of 98(98 and 98SE)? I won't even get to ME.

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  2. Most small little programs will work. And the registry is the same if they use it. But alot of programs and ME itself will give you that I dont run on this version message or unknown version message but they do allow the install and they ussually work. Bottom line not enough improvements to buy it but if ya got try it. *It is working fine for me with very little **hassle.

    * "is working" dependant on what you definition of is is.
    ** The word hassle is subjective and depends on your tolerance level and how many beers you drank while loading that bootleg copy of VB6.
  3. If you own Win98SE and it is working fine and stable, then don't bother with WinMe. The only benefit and the reason I got it on my system is that it is much more stable. Win98SE was never quite stable. But if it is stable for you, Win98SE is about 5% faster.

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  4. Tests have proven that 98SE runs faster than ME in many applications.

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  5. Just try it and you'll see. I switched to ME completely. It runs all of the programs that 9x do (not DOS related though). As far as benchmarks goes I care less, I never noticed any "slower" performance in any games. But in the GUI it runs faster with all office programs and such. IE has far far better stability than any 9x ones.

    Anyway, it is a long list why I like ME more than anything before, the most bestest thing there is system restore, saves me at least couple of hours a week after my 4 year old crashes something installing one of his games.

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  6. I would stick with 98SE. Because of all of the system restore functions running in the background, some people do notice a performance hit. And anyway, why spend the $ for ME. If you really want to upgrade, wait for Whistler (woops, I mean "XP") to come out later this year.
  7. Just a side note, you can disable system restore by going into "My Computer - Properties".

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  8. WinME is marginally more stable than win98 but definitely not as win2000.
    It also hogs a lot more disk space and system resources than win98.
    Worst of all Microsoft has seen fit to do away with DOS!? You cannot boot into or shut down to DOS with ME. I cannot understand this as ME is based on win98’s kernel and file system (the ME startup disk is just a DOS disk). The only reason I can think of for Microsoft doing this is that computer illiterate people might fiddle around with DOS and stuff up their system (but would a computer illiterate person know what DOS was let alone fiddle with it!?) I have a lot of programs and games that run in DOS only (They will not work if attempted to be run from DOS prompt within windows) therefore winME is not an option for me.
  9. I can understand the stability issues, although Winme is stable enough on my system. But someone please tell me about all of this 'No-Dos' stuff with WinME. Are you talking about the F4 options, where you can boot to the 'command prompt'? Or real-mode cd-rom/mouse drivers?

    I've run Dos/4gw on a number of games under WinME, and as far as Dos programs go, it doesn't get any more midi-evil than dos/4gw. Sam and Max, Xcom3/2/1, Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Starcontrol 2/3, Wing Commander 1/2/3(dos version)....they all work, on an athlon system to boot. I couldn't believe it when I was testing out my system.

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  10. I don't know what the big fuss is about ME. I have very little problems with it with my Athlon Thunderbird-based system. In fact it hardly ever crashes. When I was using 98 on a Pentium III; the OS crashed left and right.

    So I don't know if the CPU has anything to do with it or not but I know people who hate ME and others who love ME.
  11. Me love ME too... hehehe

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  12. Just to add my own experiences...

    Running a small lan. Net/Print/Backup server running Windows Me, wife's computer running Windows Me, mine running Win '98 1st ed.

    Running '98 on my machine because experience has taught me that sometimes dropping into real DOS mode is the only solution.

    Having said that, the two Win Me machines have been running for a few months without a single crash (the server hardly ever powers down, and it's a crappy old Cyrix based machine).

    I think the important measure to take with all new Windows releases is, use the latest drivers, dump all DOS drivers if you can.

    Although I'm still more comfortable with an O/S that can drop down to real DOS, I have to admit, Me is more stable on the other machines.

    And if you disable system restore (if you care about backing up you dont need it anyway) them Me is just as fast.
  13. I've seen/downloaded a patch for WinMe, that allows 'real-mode-dos'. I can't remember where I got it from, but the filename is You might check it out if your interested.
  14. arrrrggghhh WinME is so bad

    win98SE is still the best OS in the world

    i LOVE IT!!


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