Cannot detect battery hp 550 notebook windows 7 home premium 32 bit

Have recently had an HP 550 notebook (3 years old) rebuilt following massive viral infestation. Originally XP was installed - but Windows 7 has now been successfully installed All drivers working ok.

At start of rebuild my friend took out hard disk and connected it externally to download all the documents and photos etc.

Everrthing now sorted, except it dies the moment it is disconnected from mains power - message on icon at bottom is "cannot detect battery"

Any ideas much appreciated.

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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.
    This might work - take out the battery and go into Control Panel>System>Device Manager then click the Plus symbol beside Batteries. Uninstall each of the items by right clicking, going to Properties>Drivers tab and clicking Uninstall.

    Shut down the computer, put the battery back in and start up again. That may force the system to recognise your battery and not the one in the machine it was previously connected to. If this fails, try the maker's website for the correct driver.

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