Anarch Deck Needs Some Help

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Most of my other attempts at doing the Anarch thing have been along the
lines of a 1-2 clan deck that went Anarch. This is my first try at
really embracing the Anarch concept of various clans taking various
actions using the Tricards. The combat package needs a little work, so
I am asking for suggestions:

Hadrian Garrick 4-(Follower of Set) pre obf +1 Strength
Zack North 6 (Gangrel) pot for ani pro +1 Strength
Melissa Barton 5 (Ventrue) cel for dom pre Gains 1 Blood when edge
exchanged for vote
Khalil Ravana 5 (Ravnos) CHI ani for pre +1 Stealth on Diablerie
Luccia Pacciola 6 (Ventrue) DOM for pre +1 Strength
Andrei Puxon 5 (Ravnos) cel ani for chi
Sennuwt, the Promoter 4 (Ravnos) chi for ani
Courtland Leighton 4 (Ventrue) dom pre for
Anka, Priestess of Thorns 4 (Ravnos) ani chi pro
Itzahk Levine 3 (Ventrue) cel pre
Adrianne 6 (Torreador) pot pre cel aus +1 Bleed
Roland Loussarian 3 (Ventrue) pre for

Master 26
3 Powerbase Los Angeles
Seattle Committee
5 Hostile Takeovers
6 Anarch Revolts
Hospital Food
The Anarch Free Press
Fortschritt Library
8xGalaric's Legacy

Actions 17
2 Go Anarch
2 Army of Rats
Fleecing the Gaje
12 Undue Influence

2 Molotov Cocktails
6 Diversions (Thinking of less)
6 Ground Fightings
6 Concealed Weapons

10 The Mole

Rquipment/Retainers 13
3 Raven Spys
2 Stolen Police Cruisers
1 Political Ally
Shimulo Tarot
6 Pokers

Events 4
Rise of the Nephtali
Blood Trade
The Slow Withering

Anyway, the Hostile Takeover/Undue Influence goes well together. You
can bribe off their small weenie and then take blood off of their
larger uncontrolled guy. It's the combat that I'm not crazy about.
Everyone has kind of werid disciplines. The only two vamps in the deck
who can't use diversion are Anka and Hadrian. One thought is to
increase the diversions and add in some pulled fangs. Pulled fangs
should go well because there are a few increased strength vamps in the
deck anyway.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    You seem to be devoting a lot of energy to A) blocking and B) events.
    Neither of these, I believe, are truly helpful for you. The only thing
    you really need to block is the go anarch action of your prey, but
    that's what the Hostile Takeovers are there for. Bleeds and votes?
    You don't have the ability to stop anyone who's very serious about
    either. The events are interesting, but not terribly effective in
    pushing your primary goal. Yes, they're annoying, but not as annoying
    as more minions. Focus on getting more minions out. Many more. I
    would lean a little bit away from the chi angle over to the qui power
    of Undue Influence. Maybe just a couple of vamps, but still. The chi
    power is the one that's dependent on others. Pre and qui you can do

    And what do you do with that free space? POOL GAIN. You don't seem to
    have much outside of the Undue Influence, but you want that for minion
    bloat. You very badly need Blood Dolls and/or Tributes. Because you
    don't have strong defense against bleed or vote (even with the Moles),
    you need to be gaining pool like a mad fiend.

    Eric Simon
    Prince of Chicago
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