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A friend of mine gave me this labtop it doesnot bootup to vista......I formated the harddrive and try to install windows xp pro severa time....also I have tried to make a system reccue disk,one has already been made.......the laptop is and Acer Aspire 5515,it has a 160 gb ive formated and also purchasse a new hd 250 gb when i try to install winxp it will start and it will install some and then it will stop and give a message that windows stop loading and that to run chkdsk/f also it will give some error message with number.........HELP......I want to install a fresh copy of windows xp e mail is HELP...........THANKS
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  1. What service pack of WinXP are you trying to install?
    Should be at least Service Pack 2 and hopefully you've got a Service Pack 3 version of WinXP.
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