Laptop displays white screen for some internet searches

:cry: When I go to Facebook and Amazon, the top of the screen will display, but not the core of the screen - that is white. the bottom displays some data such as year , etc. All other pages display. While in Facebook if I go to account information or any other tab that is displayed, the informationwill display on the screen and my contacts will show up on the ride side as usual. It is as if the screen loads but not completely. With Amazon, the top is there and if I go back a screen and forward again I might get the screen to display. This is on a Toshiba Laptop. No other problems. All other searches fine with the exception of a few videos from youtube that won't display. No error messages.

I have done a SFC at the command line and Windows seems to be fine. I am using Google Chrome and have loaded all updates. I have reloaded Java. Adobe and Windows are up-to-date. No viruses and my protection is up-to-date. I am stumped. All else works fine.
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  1. Hello jonniek;

    What do those websites look like when you visit them using Internet Explorer browser?
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