Samsung Series 3 power earth-buzz audio fix

Ok - long story short. I do music shows and have power trouble using laptops for audio - earth buzz issues. My usual fix has been to find a replacement power supply designed with no earth pin on the plug - no more buzz. This has worked for the last few Toshiba laptops I had and is way cheaper than messing around with earth-loop killers or whatever.

So, my new Samsung has the usual problem, but now I can't find a 2-pin replacement power supply. I've been warned off just disconnecting the earth on the OEM power supply as apparently it might need it by design. Tho I have no idea why the f__k it should do when a 2-pin power supply works totally fine. Please correct me if I can just do this!

In desperation then I'm considering just swapping the tip over on my old Toshiba replacement 2-pin supply and using it with the Samsung - it's 19V and has enough amps. Is this a dumb idea? If not, can anyone tell me where I can buy a solder-able tip?

Many thanks!

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