Hp laptop won't start-up

Model is dv7-1025nr. My pc is getting power and the lights on the keyboard are lit up. Its possible that the screen just blew out, it is just completely black when started up. However I believe it might be more than that since It doesnt boot in any normal way. The LEDs for the num and caps are blinking, I have searched some results stating that they mean something, like the source of the problem. Is the there anything I might be able to do to fix my pc. Or is it dead, and should just remove the hard drive and salvage my info.
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  1. A completely black screen on boot-up would indicate the screen has gone or possibly the motherboard is dead/faulty. Is the screen 100% black or just REALLY dark?

    I am not sure about your laptop but I know HP had allot of problems with some of there DV7 models that had NVidia GPU's, they had a tendancy to overheat and fail. Check with an external monitor. HP machines should have boot-up diagnostic lights or beeps, check for this in the manual.

    I would advise bying a external hard drive case and backing up your data of your hard drive 1st, just encase!
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