HP DV4-1430US - Supports Sata II or III ?


I have an old notebook, the HP DV4-1430US, Core 2 Duo T6500, 4GB RAM 800Mhz, 320GB HDD... which I want to upgrade by installing a SSD...

I tried to find a tool to check for it's specs in ubuntu (11.10) but I couldnt find any real information, only that it has the ICH9 Controller...

I tried to check at Intel's website but couldnt find specific information regarding it's SATA capability.

So, does my notebook supports SATA II or SATA III? If it's SATA II, I will buy OCZ Vertex 2 SSD.. If it's SATA III, I will buy OCZ Agility III SSD...

Any other infos needed just ask me.
Sorry for the stupid question, but it's my first time messing around with this kinda of subject.

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    Hello AndrePF;

    GM45 Express Chipset with 82GM45 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub and 82801IBM I/O Controller Hub (ICH9M)
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