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Howdy folks - I was hoping to wait another 6 months and get USB3/widi but because of my new traveling job my hand has been forced.

What I'm hoping for in a laptop:

Core i5 - hopefully latest gen and not some under-powered-may-as-well-be-a-pentium type deal.
The best integrated graphics or a lower end video card.
<15 inch screen. 14 inches with a good rez (1600:900?) would be awesome. nothing bigger than 15.
gigabit Ethernet and A/B/G/N
6gb of ram capacity - dual channel capacity would be awesome.

The most recent game I play is Starcraft 2 and it would be nice if the laptop could handle it decently. I'd also like to continue playing Ut2004 and quake3/live. Not TOO intense but a little graphics horsepower is needed.

I dont really care about the hard drive since I'll have externals and ill probably upgrade to a hybrid drive at some point.

I'd like to spend around $550~ but I can go a bit higher if need be. I'm looking around but there are so many model numbers that dont make any sense I feel lost. Anyone who's been in the same boat recently please post what you got and any shortcomings.

I get the general impression that integrated graphics are still not up to snuff, AMD's APU's are overpriced for what they give and that some kind of Core i5 + card setup is what I want. Am I wrong?
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230132

    This is the cheapest laptop I have found that comes with a decent GT 540, and what i call the college gamer cpu "2430", not to powerful, so good battery for long days at school, but enough to kick them games on!

    Its cheap cause it kind of lacks in memory and harddrive, but it is still decent. And when i say decent, I mean its cheap and well worth the price!

    The GT 520 is not for gaming, I checked http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-520M.43104.0.html

    And the GT 540 is the minimum I would go, if you want to play games!
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