How much of a slowdown for dual monitor setups

How much does dual monitors impact the speed of a graphic card. If i was playing a game would its speed be severly impacted due to 2 monitors having to be refreshed instead of the one ?

I was thinking of getting a Radeon 9500 pro or 9700 pro and would love a dual monitor setup but not if it means i cant play games :)

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  1. if one monitor was just a mirror of the other it wouldnt decrease performance at all, unless u had them set to different resolutions, but i dont know of a game that can do that.

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  2. Dual monitor gaming Sucks for the most part. Only games with control panel and maps work well with dual monitor, otherwise you are constantly trying to focus on 2 screens at the same time. As for dual monitor affecting your game performance, it depends on the game. For most games you will simply drop back to single monitor. And a 9500 or 9700 would run well with dual monitor under almost any windows app. outside of games. Still trying to run dual 19x14 would likely cause some hiccups, but I'm not sure.

    Anywhoo,it would be best if you let us know which games or apps you want to run dual monitor and in what resolution and colour depth. But under MOST situations it should be ok.

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