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i have a drll lattitude d60 & the battery wont hold a charge can i put the battery in the freezer to try & restore it ?
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  1. you got it wrong if you don't use the laptop battery and want to save it then
    You store it in refrigerator charged to 60-70% of capacity, using it once in 6 month to check.
    In this manner you can store for many years loosing very little capacity about 2% per year
    but once it's dead it's dead and freezer wont help,
    Unless its new battery and got discharged to 0% sometimes you can jump start it
    (but im not confertable telling how, bit dangerous)
  2. Won't hold a charge, or won't charge at all when plugged in to the wall? If the latter, it is most likely a bad power jack. Common issue with laptops. Good computer shops can replace the power jack inside the laptop.
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