geforce4 quadro 750/900 or a geforceFX 5800 Ultra?

hey guys...i been wanting to get a high end vid card for some time. the quadro 4 750/900 looks very tempting to get. however with the release of the new fx 5800, that has upped the ante a bit. which one is a better card? granted the the quadro is for professional apps, i hear the speed of the FX ultra is really amazing. would that make up in performance when using high end 3d apps such as MAYA?

if it doesnt, i guess i might have to get quadro FX 2000, but thats $1350 bux :(. the other cards are like 300-400, what a savings :).
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  1. You can software mod a Geforce 4 4200,4400,4600, into a 4800 into a into a quatro 750/900 and save a lot more.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  2. Or, for that matter, a Radeon 9500/9700/Pro into an X1 or Z1, and get some of those same options, not to mention a great gaming card.

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  3. thx for the responses guys.....i have known about soft modding for a little while and from what i have read, the soft modded cards come close to the real thing in some respects but fail in others...check out so with that said..i am wondering how does the geforce fx 5800 Ultra stacks up against the geforce4 quadro's. i am currently only going for nVidia at the moment because in my opinion from experience, the nVidia's handle opengl display better and plus they have better driver support. sorry ati

    can anyone help me out?
  4. Tough call. I don't know if there have been any benchmarks with the 5800 ultra in professional applications.

    The Quadro FX 2000 kicks the living bejessus out of the Geforce4 Quatros, for what it's worth. So there's a good chance the FX 5800 Ultra will at least keep up with the Geforce4 Quattros.

    If Maya is your thing though, pay the extra $$ and get the new Geforce FX Quatro 2000. Supposedly, they have optimized Maya 5 with the Quattro FX, to produce real-time rendering with bump mapping, specular mapping, and shadows. That sounds so very tasty... (I'm a 3d artist myself)

    Check it here:

    Be well,

    - Cleeve
  5. yow cleeve..thanx for the heads up...yeah i wass wondering about the performance of the geforce FX ultra cuz when i saw the benchmarks, the FX quadro beat the crud outta the geforce4's lol, so i was thinking maybe the ultra would be able to compare with the geforce4 quadro's u know. the problem is with price my friends...the geforce4 quadro's and the fx 5800 ultra are around the same price range 300-400 dollars. the fx 2000 quadro is a stunning 1300 dollars...thats quite a price range for a lowly graduate such as myself :(.
  6. heheh, I hear ya.

    In that case, I'd go with the FX 5800 Ultra.

    It's pure speculation at this point, but the FX Quatro 2000 beats the crap out of the Geforce4 Quattros to such an extent that I would be very surprised if the FX 5800 wouldn't be at least on par with the Geforce4 Quattros.

    Still, you might want to wait until a site benches a 5800 it with professional graphics apps if you're not in a big hurry...

    Good luck dood,

    - Cleeve
  7. Before buying just be aware that it is an extremely loud card. If you don't mind going deaf while working (or if your computer has sound-proofing (which would probably just make it hotter), or is very far away from you), then it wouldn't be that bad. However, keep in mind the 5800 Ultra drivers are actually fairly flaky from what I've heard, and the 9700 Pro has mature drivers that run very well (I have one in my system right now, less problems then with my old GF3-based system). You can also softmod them, unlike the 5800 Ultra. The new drivers for the X1 and Z1 also gives very good performance (fairly close to the Quadro FX 2000, check Tom's for some benchmarks). Don't limit yourself by old past experiences.

    <font color=red>The all new GeForce FX-</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>The only factory-overclocked vacuum cleaner, complete with upholstery attachment!!!</font color=blue>
  8. rofl...i hear u guys...i didnt know that the geforce fx was a loud card...i can prolly deal with that tho if it gives me the performance that i need u know. i can wait to see the benchmarks for the fx ultra, it will be very interesting to c.

    with respect to past experiences, that is what makes us who we are. if ppl have bad experiences with something..very rarely do they go back to the things that caused it. if i got robbed at a certain street, u can bet i aint going back to that street...u get the picture. the problem that i had with the ATI cards was that the opengl didnt come out as smooth and clean as the nVidia cards. i know that the drivers for the fx ultra are new vs. the ati mature cards...but u can imagine when the drivers get better, that the fx's performance will get much better, much like in the case of the new X1 and Z1 drivers for the ati cards. i think the drivers for the nVidia are more robust, i havent had any problems with my GF3 drivers...altho sometimes the card locks up in 3d apps (very rarely) :P.
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