Compaq Presario C700 - No Display On LCD!!!

I have a compaq presario C700 Notebook. I just replaced the LCD Screen, Brand new. The Screen Lights up but no display.... The laptops external vga port works.... I updated the drivers, bios, chipset. Even did a hard reset. PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. Check you have all the connections connected for the screen? Double check the screen is the correct screen for your machine? You mention that the screen lights up but no display, is the display just really really dim? Does your BIOS display on the screen?
  2. All the connections are secure. The screen is the exact same one to, the old one did the same thing. I have no picture at all the lcd screen, but when i plug the vga in, everything is perfect. Windows Boots And Everything. And its detecting the lcd screen, but just wont display anything.. PLEASE HELP!!! = (
  3. And i can get to the bios on the external display only.
  4. Have you got any 'Function' buttons on your laptop? Some laptops have function buttons on there F keys. Mine has one that can switch the LCD screen OFF when connecting to an enxternal screen, check you have not switched your screen OFF.
  5. Yes i have that, thats what i used to change it to the external monitor. When i change it back to the lcd screen it just lights up. no display.
  6. Im baffled
  7. Maybe its a faulty screen, were did you buy it from? Try re-seating your RAM, try with one stick then the other. Try squeezing around the edges of your screen, encase of a loose/dodgy connection, perhaps a gentle knock might help, be gentle though.

    Clutching at straws!
  8. Well im 100% sure its not the screen, but if it was the ram wouldnt you think the computer wouldnt boot at all? It boots PERFECTLY!!! No problems. I just have no display on lcd. thats my problem
  9. I was clutching at straws.

    You may have broken or dislodged something when putting it back together, maybe something you can't see. Maybe a connector the wrong way round or damaged a wire?

    Thats all I can think off, sry.

    Hope you find your answer.
  10. Most likely its a damaged video cable. That was the case with my system. The wire that runs from the motherboard around the left hinge became damaged from the constant opening and closing of the case. Check there.
  11. I have a compaq presario c771us with the same type of problem as you have described. The damn thing only shows on external display unless I unplug the SATA drive and then I get a display on the screen. If I boot from usb I can run minixp and the lcd screen runs fine. I had the lcd screen on for hours with no issues what so ever. I used the Recovery partition that came with the notebook to restore everything to factory defaults with no success. I have plugged the same SATA HDD into another laptop and it worked just fine without any issue. I am not quite sure how to fix this one and I am positive there is nothing wrong with the lcd as it works 100 out of 100 times during rebooting and the compaq bios screen pops up!! What kind of nonsense is this?

    SATA HDD PLUGGED IN = NO LCD, External Display Via monitor only!


    I am considering upgrading the bios but I prefer to solve problems by figuring out the cause before just trying to try random stuff to fix it. KNOWING THE CAUSE IS THE SOLUTION.
  12. Hi -

    I have the same issue. Everything described here I have tried with the same results. I followed the loose wire theory and did some stuff on my own following that theory. One day, I was booting up the laptop and got the bad display, but when I moved the screen, the display appeared. After that I tried closing and opening the lid and it worked for a while, but it was because the OS was rebooting. That stopped working after awhile and it's really not good for your harddrive to keep shutting it down and rebooting so often. So, I tried just opening the lid just enough to get my hand to the power button. When I heard the drive wind up, I then opened the lid slowly and the display worked fine! I believe that the loose wire deal is correct and not a driver or BIOS issue, and I'll open the case later to verify it. I have since done this 3 times and it has worked. I believe that the screen will work as long as the OS can see the connection. That's why the opening/closing trick didn't keep working - because the OS was already started and never could find the screen connection. Until I pop the case open, this will work for now. Let me know if this works for you!
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