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I have just bought a new Medion laptop. However, I've noticed that when I type the letters takes a second to appear on screen.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. What are your specifications of your laptop? Laptop Model, RAM, Processor speed, storage space...Operating system (Windows 7, Windows XP, LINUX?).

    Have you tried updating all your drivers? As well as windows update.
  2. Medion Akoya, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, i5-2430m, 2.40GHz, windows 7 64bit.

    no not updated anything yet. Its a brand new laptop so didn't think I'd need to update anything.
  3. Alright never heard of those but...

    Try this out:

    1) Click on start and right click on "Computer" and click on "Manager".

    2) Under your Computer management - got to Device manager.

    3) Under device manager find "Keyboards" Expand it. Now right click on your "Keyboard device" and select Uninstall. Now right click again on Keyboards inside of computer management and select "Scan for hardware changes". This should re-load your keyboard laptop driver.

    Also - typing lag can be sometimes caused by programs taking up a lot of CPU power - like games and such. Are you experiencing this type lag in general or while doing something specific?

    Do you have an antivirus installed?

    Is this a refurbished laptop, or brand new?

    One more thing - you should try running windows update (even though its new, every month new patches are available) and then restart your computer once it's done.
  4. Hi, its a new laptop, not refurbished and I'm only running the internet at the moment (google Chrome).

    Everything else seems fine, its only when i type there is a long delay, for example I have finished this sentence before the first word appears on screen!!

    I am doing the windows update so hoping that it works!!

    thanks for your help!!
  5. So it's only in google chrome that you get the weird typing delay?

    Have you tried downloading Firefox (or try IE8) to see if it does it there as well? Maybe your chrome is out of date, have you tried updating it?
  6. Sorry, bit of confusion. I am only running Chrome no other programs, I meant that the processor shouldn't be overworked, as I'm only running Chrome. But the typing problem occurs on any program.
  7. Have you tried uninstalling - reinstalling your keyboard as per my suggestion above?

    Also check this out when you have chrome open - right click on your taskbar in an empty space and click on Task manager. Now go to the "Processes" tab and see what happens when you type on any program, basically check the "CPU" column in the processes tab, if you see anything higher than say 20% for a certain running process there could be a problem.

    Also do you have an antivirus installed? Sometimes viruses can cause such problems.
  8. Hi,

    Just downloaded the windows update and it has fixed the problem! Typing is now fast again!!

    Thank you very much!!
  9. Hey no problem. Glad it worked for you.

    Would you mind throwing me a bone and picking as best answer? Thanks!
  10. would love to...if I knew how! :p
  11. There should be a little button inside my reply that says something like "Choose best answer". I think its on the same row as my name.

    Ahh well if you cant find thats ok.
  12. I can't find it, but I have given you a thumbs up :)

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