Need to connect my laptop pc to my hd tv!

Hi there,

I need to connect my PC and TV together. This site says I need "a VGA and Audio to HDMI Converter, an HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable, a VGA (Male) to VGA (Male) cable and a 3.5mm Mini Jack to RCA cable", but can I not use a wireless USB to HDMI streamer instead?

(I've got a Toshiba Satellite L300 PC (VGA) and a (presumably) HDMI 'HD' LG Television).

Many thanks
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  1. USB streamers generally dont work as advertised, though they are better than nothing in a pinch. The problem is that they are not a true clean HD signal.
    Also keep in mind that your onboard GPU GMA3100, will not play back HD content of any kind, and may even take issue to playing back SD content on the 2nd display. If just displaying still images, you should be alright though.

    For best quality (and cheapest route) do what the website told you, I think that would be your best bet, just dont get ripped off on the cost of the cables.
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