Blu Ray playback Software - which one?

OK, I bought a blu ray drive for my system (running Windows 7 Pro, simple set-up with 3 core proc. HDCP complaint ATI graphic card and a HDCP monitor)... I built this simple system for watching movies and printing films while I screen print.

SO, I thought I'd get a Blu-Ray Drive from Newegg; it came with PowerDVD 8 - but it's a limited version, it says it plays in 2 channel (which begs the question what is the point of that for BluRay) - I want something that will give me all 5.1 of my channels...

Any suggestions on Software? which program is really the better?

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  1. Move up to PowerDVD 10, as it has full surround sound capabilities and works like a charm. I've had it for months now and never had a problem. It'll cost you a bit, but it's well worth it.
  2. There are a couple different versions - which one should I go with; Standard, Ultra and Ultra 3D
  3. Roxio CinePlayer BD $49.99
  4. I agree with buwish's suggestion although I am running a media center setup with imaged movies on my hard drive. It upconverts standard dvd to HD and is a top notch software imo. If your use is just to play blu-ray on your computer and you could card less about other features then you could look for a cheaper alternate route.

    If you are looking for a feature rich, easy to use player with quality 2nd to none theres only one choice and thats cyberlinks powerdvd 10. Since I found this player 3+ years ago I haven't wanted to try another player, but thats for my needs and not necessarily for yours.

    Read the charts and decide what you need:
  5. Corel win dvd pro 2010 is awesome!
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