Help my mouse is turning retard :S

Since i got windows 7 my mouse becomes retard quite often..
Cant really explain what i does so i made a quick video
(dont mind the quality *lol*)


Video is just an example, it becomes more retard sometimes
and even grows into somekinda monster thingy xD
It happends without notice and stays untill i reboot.

Does anyone maybe know what may cause this?
Or what can solve it :P
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  1. It's not a great video, but it sure shows the problem well!

    My guess would be flaky video drivers...
  2. It could be the video drivers but I think that it is the pointer icon that have been corrupted. Look in control panel, mouse, pointers and look at the hand icon.
  3. Ive installed new vid drivers everytime they released and the icons are fine, its just after a while surfing and gaming etc it turns retard all of a sudden. So its not that the hand icon is not installed properly/corrupt or something like that :(
    Thnx for the suggestion anyway :P
    Owya on the vid u cant see it very good but when its
    not in scrollover mode (so the standard mouse icon) its also weird
    with all kinda dots on the side. Its like it picks up pixels from the screen
    and builds up to a large icon xD
  4. Well if it is not the video driver or not the pointer icons (did you try changing them anyway?) then the only other cause that it can be that I can think of is either a faulty video card or faulty memory in the computer. A symptom of faulty memory in the computer maybe (and I am not sure about this) is that the icon cache has become corrupted, but I think that this is regularly updated but if you have faulty memory then this would explain it. You can try to delete the file
    %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Iconcache.db and restart the computer when the icon becomes corrupted and see if this fixes the problem if it does then you probably have faulty memory.
  5. What pjmelect is suggesting is to do this:

    Start -> type "Mouse" into the Search field, click the "Mouse" link at the stop of the start menu.

    Click the "Pointers" tab.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on "Link Select" to highlight it.

    Click "Browse" and choose some other icon to use.

    Does the other icon work OK? If so, then that particular icon has been corrupted for some reason.

    To go back to the original icon, follow the same steps and choose the "aero_link.cur" file as the icon.
  6. Thnx guy for commenting, if it happends again i`l sure try it out..
    but now i havent had the retarted mouse in 2 days...
    It`l come again i know for sure ive had it millions of times allready
    but its just so random.
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