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I have an Acer Aspire 5733z-4477. I received a notification from McAfee to restart my computer to complete an update. Once my Windows 7 session was stopped and the computer was restarted, the laptop hangs during the load screen with the Acer logo and the phrase "Hit F2 to enter setup..."

The computer hangs indefinitely. I've google'd many possible solutions to no avail...
- remove battery, unplug ac power, hold power button for 30 seconds, re-plug ac power

The laptop is barely a month old. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Take the Hard Drive out and try booting it... if it gets past the BIOS screen and says 'No boot device available'... re-insert the Hard Drive and try booting again. If it hangs again, then your Hard Drive may have gone bad.

    If you hit F2, can you go into the BIOS, or is it like 'frozen'.?
  2. Since McAfee installed an update, it could also be causing the problem. Try booting into safe mode by holding down F8 while the laptop boots. If you can get into safe mode, try uninstalling McAfee or restoring the laptop to a previous restore point made by windows. Remember that removing the hard drive will invalidate your warranty.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty sure I tried to get into safe mode last night, but I was very tired. I will try again tonight...if all of that fails, I will contact Acer support (dreading this...)

    @jdenova007...I hit f2 took a while to change screens...and then simply showed the laptop hardware specs and gave me no options.

    Thanks again!
  4. Update: I'm not sure what happened, but I came home and attempted to try "Alt-F10" which is supposed to re-core the laptop from the Acer backup...hit the power button, held "Alt-F10"...and the computer started back up again. It's been working just fine ever since.

    Thank you for your efforts and responses!
  5. well i problem is kinda similar to his mine happnd was it dropped out of my hand and now it shows the screen of acer logo and then black screen for a while and then after comes the windows 7 recovery thingy um so can some one help
    i dont really wana restore from acer emanagment cause i dont wana lose my data
    reply asap
  6. You may want to run diagnostics on the Hard Drive to make sure it wasn't damaged when you dropped it.
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