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I am going to install Windows XP in about 30 PC's and the timei have is only 1 day. I sthere a way to make a "minimum install" in one PC and then make a disk to disk copy like norton ghost? I have read about sysprep that can do something similar. I would be grateful if someone knows more about this, or has any links that could help
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  1. Are they all the same? If so install one but don't setup the network, then image using ghost or PQ Drive Image, burn image and use recovery disks to throw the image on the other 29 (~15min. each = 7.25hours, mine only takes 5min. to do 2.2GB NTFS = 2.5hours to do 30!!), these times do not include any setup or partitioning. Then setup network. I did this but had already setup the network and so the imaged computer said it could not connect with a duped name (just changed it :)) and everything worked great (identical P4's).

    Probably not the best solution but one :).


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  2. What about activation. My XP is not corporate so i can't use ghost.
  3. You have to buy additional licenses unless ...

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