Windows 7 and vista installation problems - asus p5q3 deluxe

a few days ago my main seagate hard drive died :pfff: .. so i decided to upgrade to an SSD and went and got an ocz vertex 60gb. i changed the boot order so DVD would load up. and it appears to work fine as windows 7 logo comes up with a progress bar and it just freezes at this stage indefinitely. i tried changing storage configuration back to enhanced and ide but that didn't seem to make a difference as i had changed it to ahci since i got a new SSD.

i tried installing my old vista OS on it but that didn't work and got stuck at the same progress bar which shows up right after windows is loading files progress bar. :heink: :fou:

i am using a asus p5q3 delux mother board.

do u guys know if its some bios setting i have to change? faulty dvd drive? can i use another system to install the OS on the SSD and move it back to the system afterward?
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