Netbook/laptop/tablet thing for school/photoshop/autocad

Hi! I need some sort of awesome laptop/tablet device so I can succeed and not fail miserably over the next couple years of school my life, but alas, I know practically nothing about such devices. So that's where you come in, you genius tech person, you! :D (Seriously, assume I know absolutely nothing whatsoever, because that isn't so far from the truth.) I think I can do 700-800 dollars max.

All I need is some sort of netbook/tablet whatever that I can AutoCad, Photoshop, and do school assignments with. I have a ton of music, and I'll probably be interneting and skyping at all other times. << That is all.

I don't want a straight out tablet because I type a lot, and those touch keyboards are painfully annoying, but I wasn't looking at a straight out laptop because the lack of a touch screen that I can draw on is just as painful for me. I think I want to avoid those plug in tablets... (I've tried them but I do not think they are for me...) I was looking at this thing and thought it might be the awesome compromise I'm looking for?

ASUS Eee PC T101MT-BU37 10.1" Tablet Netbook Computer

It looks pretty cool and as far as I know it will work fine! But like I said, I know practically nothing about computers. So do you think that will work or do you think there is a super awesome better option that isn't a million billion dollars for me? :D Thanks!
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  1. Looks fine from my research too apart from some screen resolution problem, but that can be rectified.
  2. penginchan said:
    It looks pretty cool and as far as I know it will work fine!
    Hello penginchan;
    Not a good choice for Photoshop/Autocad work. It's Atom N570 CPU is very weak (PCMark Vantage score: 1742). And it's 1024 x 600 LCD screen doesn't meet the minimum requirements for Autocad or Photoshop.
    Most of the pure tablets don't run Windows.

    For decent Photoshop/Autocad performance you probably need to be looking at mainstream notebooks with something like a Core i5-2410 (PCMark Vantage score: 6475) or better CPU.
  3. for the price rang if you want a tablet style PC take a look at possibly a used Lenovo Thinkpad X201 or something of that nature. You'll get an i series CPU that will easily handle your needs along with the HD3000 graphics that while nothing stellar for gaming will handle 2D CAD and Photoshop just fine.
  4. IMHO, you can forget about running Autocad on an $800 laptop. I'm sure their website will list the CPU/GPU/RAM requirements.
  5. tablets at this point and time are just toys... u need a good solid notebook computer
    at that price, used is your best option
  6. i would suggest u do some shopping for notebook computers that interest u and post the links on here so we can eval
  7. @ ram1009;
    Autocad/Photoshop will run well on $500 notebooks.
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