Asus Best Gaming Laptop under $800

I have been looking for a good solid laptop for school and some gaming and so far i found no better value than Asus laptops on Newegg. but now i am stumped on what exactly exactly is right for me so found 3 solid laptops priced at $680, $780, and $880. Each with one solid step up on the other.
Here is a Newegg comparison:

$680 ASUS A53SV NH51= i5-2430M Nvidia gt 540m
$780 ASUS A53SV-NH71= i7-2670QM Nvidia Gt 540m
$880 ASUS N53SN-EH71= i7-2670QM Nvidia Gt 550m

So which offers the most for its $100 price increase and should get me the best bang for my buck.
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