When i shut my laptop down for some reason the next morning it is on 2010???????

when i shut my laptop down for the evening, the next morning it will be on 2010?????
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  1. Sounds like your CMOS battery is dieing. When your CMOS battery dies it cannot keep the date and time. The battery is usually a standard watch battery (say something like CR 2025)

    How old is this laptop your talking about?

    If your comfortable with taking apart laptops you could replace it yourself. If not it will probably cost anywhere from 50-100 to get it replaced at a shop depending on where you live.
  2. It is 6 months old. I also have started having the black screen......I know I can return it under warranty for repair. I have my. business on this with much info. on customers. How safe is it to send it out for repair?
  3. try updating BIOS firmware if your laptop is Vaio.
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