Can MSI be bought over lenovo,dell,sony ?

i would like to know if msi laptops are good or not as i think i'm gonna buy one(ge620dx). casual gaming and other multimedia purposes
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  1. Not sure about laptops but their motherboards are pretty nice. The laptop itself has pretty nice specs though. Keep in mind that 1080p takes a lot more power to run than the standard 768p on a laptop.
  2. Well if it means anything to you, I would always go with Lenovo for their quality, second up I would go with Sony. Those two brands of laptops have given great impressions and last for a long time.
  3. Personally I feel Lenovo is overpriced. My school laptop is around a thousand dollars but the tech specs are only worth around $500 - $600.
  4. Yeah, maybe 5-600 for those specs on a desktop, but you know how it is for mobile platforms. a $400 PC is like $800 laptop. Lenovo has a history of using quality components and from what I can remember, they arrange the insides of their laptops to make all components easy to reach, along with better heat dissipation.
  5. I mean 500-600 dollar laptop specs.
  6. No, you need to find a reseller for MSI to get their laptop.

    newegg and bestbuy may have some of them and xoticpc (USA) and (AUS) resell MSI gaming laptops. Of course there are also other reseller. The ones I suggested are the ones I know. If you are not in USA or AUS, then I have no Idea.
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