Cannot access data on usb stick


I have data on a usb stick which I need to access but cannot. Drive on pc is okay as it is recognising other usb sticks. Is there anyway that I can get to data?
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  1. If you plug your usb drive into a working usb slot, then it should show up in the start>computer>Devices with removable storage.

    This is assuming your working with windows 7.

    I would make sure the usb slot your using is working, and if it is, I would check
    control panel>hardware and sound>devices and printers, there you should see everything that is plugged in to your computer, printers, mouse, keyboard etc

    Check to see if it shows up in there.


    When you plug and unplug that usb in, does your computer make a noise, like dun dun?
  2. Probably corrupted. It means its broken. It's unfixable without losing all the data.
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