Is there anything better than these laptops for the price?



The XPS 17 at Newegg is 899$ right now, comes with 1080 and Blu-Ray, which usually costs 250$ with those options. I thought it was my best possible, cause it comes with the backlit keys which is very important, and it has the GT 550M

The Asus at Newegg is 650$ right now, and is the cheapest laptop I have found that comes with a GT 540m. Although it doesn't come with all the nice things like the XPS 17 does.

I was wondering if anyone knows of better laptops for around these prices? If so I generally just want something with a GT 540m or greater, and to be specific then see below:

My choices would be:

i5 2410 or greater

GT 540m or greater

Screen Size and Resolution-Screen Quality is important, size doesn't matter, and 1080 would be nice

Memory and HD-Neither of these matter I will probably change them out latter, but a dual hd slots is nice

Price-Anywhere from $500-$1000, or maybe up to $1100, preferably bought in USA
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  1. If you are serious about gaming, take a look at what asus has to offer:

    Asus G53SX-XN1 $1199
    Is about the best close to your budget: has GT 560M which is the first 'high end' option for graphics.
    15.6" 1080p and a i7 2630QM

    Asus G53SX-NH71 $1199
    About the same specs as above, slightly faster CPU at i7 2670QM

    Roughly the same machines, display might be different for example.
    Anandtech has had some reviews about the asus laptops so might want to check those out.
  2. yeah, at the slight bump in budget, those ASUS G-series laptops are awesome deals, consistently some of the best gamers for the value, and ASUS quality...
    Considering I'm typing this on an MSI laptop now, I did see this-
    nice value inside the budget... i7, GT555, plus a 1080p display on a 15.6" display. I can say I've been impressed with my MSI laptop so far, had it a year and a half and had no problems to report of (other than it coming with Windows 7 32-bit installed for some reason).
  3. Well i got the money for something like that, I was just trying to figure out whether I should go as low as possible and just deal with the cheapness or spend some extra and truly get something worth using for the next 2-3 years.

    So I rather spend an extra $300-$500 now, then needing to upgrade in one year and spending another $700. I think this is more important with Laptops, cause i can only upgrade to SSD, the memory and the HD. The CPU and GPU will have to stay!

    Do you think that the GTX 560M can outlast a 540M? I know that the CPU's will be good for a good while, i read that sandy was the tick, and ivy is the tock. tick being the time to buy. So sandy bridge will surely outlast just as long as any IVY. Even if they are slightly less powerful.

    Plus i am in CS Major, which is really computer demanding, unlike my math and english where an ipad was all i needed. These CS classes use software that needs a PC. Its not like my teacher will let me write down the code and turn it in. I need to compile it and have it run to show it works.

    I will want the laptop to be on top for at least 3 years, or long enough to get me out of the BS and into my Masters Program.
  4. The 560 is the way to go if you want to game... the 540 is a decent card, but the 560 is a pretty big jump ahead. I'd assume that you are right with Ivy as well, the jump to Sandy Bridge from the first gen was the truly big one, they are really efficient, but offer huge power when you need it.
  5. It would be good to decide if you want something to game with, or to take to class... I'm finishing up college now, with most focus in IT. Some of these complilers and programs do take power, but still not as much as gaming in almost every case. The MSI i am on is an X600 with a CoreSolo processor, which is not impressive in any way, but good enough for java compiling, and even light work in Visual Studio.
    I'd also assume you already would be familiar with how much of a pain in the ass it is lugging a 17" machine with you to classes!
  6. I actually know that one of the G series from Asus is sold at Best Buy so i could actually just go and try it before i buy it, cause they all seem to be made the same way.

    I liked the 15 inch cause less power consumption, but the 17" usually have dual slot hd's which is something I am a big fan of.

    I was also digging the blu-ray and stuff. I just don't think spending 1500$ to get a 3D screen is the best idea.

    These things are packed with essentials i7 2670/30, GTX 560M, 8gb and a 1080 screen. Which is like a portable version of my desktop!

    I will go to best buy and check them out, I never considered them before, but I might as well check all my options.
  7. Yeah, I actually work there... not something I use as nerd-cred in any way, the lack of knowledge my co-workers have amazes me every day. That said, I'd consider myself one of the few 'qualified' geeks working there. We carry the G73 17" that's usually $1199 (goes on sale every now and then for $1099). It is a good value, and rarely comes back for service (of course, it's ASUS!). The body of it is surprisingly big, but it's what you need to get rid of the heat it'll build up with gaming. I don't believe any of the stores carry the G53, but I have worked on them before, and they are literally identical, just 15" instead of 17". The only thing about the G73 I don't like is that it's not a 1080p display, although it does have a great picture at the lower resolution anyway...
  8. I just got back from Bestbuy and they only had that G7, the 17" of that Asus.

    After trying them all, it was the only one that actually came with something else that wasn't Intel HD 3000. Except the 1700$+ MBP's. The best laptops on display were the 17" Asus, and the Mac Book Pros/Airs as far as how good they felt using them.

    This might sound dumb or flipped, but the best feeling laptop that wasn't a mac book, was a little $300 Asus NetBook with a 10" screen. I am talking about how smooth it is to get around and type. Obviously the performance was nothing compared to the others.

    Once I actually thought about using each of them and determining whether a big laptop or small laptop would suit me,
    I realized that I won't be needing 3D modeling or Arkham City when I am on the go as much as I would like to think I would. Most the gaming i do is on my iPad or with my big desktop.

    I really just need to be able to compile and run code, access the internet and access my email, so when she does pop quiz's i can go to my email and do the quiz.

    What i am saying is, I don't think i have a dire need for a laptop, just one for in class.

    Which comes to my next thing, I do have a dire need for a 3D 50" HDTV and Computer Parts.

    If i spend $300 on a Asus Netbook, that leaves me $700+ for a nice new CPU and Mobo and a 2nd 560 Ti for SLI on my desktop. or I can get that 51" samsung HD Plasma 3-D with surround sound, which I have been scoping out!
  9. Hahaha what a terrible dilemma! I will say, that after having a netbook, and now this low-powered core solo, that I love the form factor a thin/portable computer has, but have come to despise my lack of power on the go... I'm liking the look of a lot of these ultrabooks that are coming out, but will probably wait for them to go down in price a bit. Its crazy how big the price gap is between the netbooks and a decent 13" laptop is. That said, if you're comfortable with a netbook, I've seen some pretty crazy 560 Ti SLI benchmarks out there!
  10. Once i overlooked a lot of the benchmarks, it was obvious that a 560 Ti is the lowest you should go, and if you get a 2nd one, to have 560 Ti SLI, then your talking about power greater than 5970 or GTX 580! I mean were talking 10-20fps more, even against the Asus Ares!!

    I got Arkham with the first 560ti, I bought BF3 and Skyrim, and I have over 20 games in my Steam account, so I play games mainly on my PC, and if not, I am mainly on my iPad.

    My desktop is my main priority, and getting a new TV is also needed, because i use them everyday. This laptop is going to be used just in class, because my iPad can do just about everything.

    I really don't need internet, email or games, my iPad serves these purposes well, among other things. If i play games with my friends, we play over team-speak and online, etc. We don't pull gay *** like in "Stay Alive", where everyone meets up and plays in the same room. If that was the case, i would buy one of the Coolermaster Storm Series Case, and build a desktop for on the go.

    I just need a portable device that runs Windows or Linux, so I can compile and run Java, C, and C++ in class.

    Them ultra-"books" are nice, they are like the newest renditions of the ultra-portable laptops that aren't netbooks and aren't cheap and small. But they do carry the price tag of 900$+. Pretty much they are copying everything apple does. .

    From what i read they are the next big thing! They say there is not much room for big laptops with gpus. They say we want slim, sleek, and style, instead of fat, fast, and formal.
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