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Hello,I just purchased a toshiba 755-s5320 i3 laptop.I like everything on it accept the is so slow I want to take it back to best buy and get something fastest for around $500.What do you suggest.Thank You
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    Hello valueman;

    For what activity is the Satellite P755-S5320 and it's Core i3-2330M too slow?

    Found that one, not bad, basically the same with an i5 and a larger HDD. Listed at $570 from best buy.

    However, what are you looking to do with it? Do you want to play games on it? If so... we'll need something with a dedicated graphics card (not the one I listed).
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  4. I had been wondering if he might be talking about gaming and not home office/home entertainment or school workloads.
  5. WR2 said:
    Hello valueman;

    For what activity is the Satellite P755-S5320 and it's Core i3-2330M too slow?

    It is slow starting up,serfing the net and changing screens.My 8yr old dell desktop seems faster.My wife does not want me to buy a new computer and when I break it to her and she gets on this computer she is going to go through the roof.We definitely need a new computer,but I need one that is fast and has a cd drive a lot of hard drive is not that important.I have a lot of samsung products,but I am not sure about their laptops.I heard asus was good also. My son has a toshiba that is 4yrs old and it is faster than mine.I have been hiding this laptop from my wife,I am home all day retired.When I break the news I just want one with quality and speed.Thank You for your help.I also need to purchase it at best buy because of their 18mo no interest.
  6. There is no way that laptop should be 'slow'. It's actually got a very good CPU and a nice amount of RAM.
    It should dust the floor with any 4yr old laptop.
  7. valueman said:
    .My 8yr old dell desktop seems faster.
    And it should even be faster than your 8yr desktop too.
    'just purchased' ... How long have you had that laptop?
  8. Maybe the hard drive was failing from the start... you might consider running system diagnostics if it has it built into it.

    I'd bring it back to best buy and have them either a) look at it, or b) swap it.
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