HP PAVILLION DV9000 Question?

I have a question for someone who can help. I have a HP Pavillion DV9000. When i turn on the laptop, all the lights come on then shut of then come on again and it seems to stay on. This question is about the charger to this laptop which is a replacement charger. It is a 65 watt charger but the original is a 90 watt charger..... would that make a difference in the laptop coming on or functioning properly? Thanks in advance.
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  1. could be if the laptop is not receiving the power needed to work,what was the volts output and amp you got from the old put the same for the new one
  2. Everything but the watts are the same.
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    then the connector on the could be faulty and not making contact all the time jigle it gently to see if power stay on
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