Hosting a Game Voice server from behind a firewall

Hi. I wanna host a GV server on one of my LAN clientmachines. Got like a routerfunction on my server" comp. with 2 NIC's in it and are using Wingate for connecting my clientmachines to the Net via the "server". Also got Norton Internet Security for protection on that one as well. Now, NAT is performed so if i host a GV server on my "server" comp. my buddies can connect to my external IP and are forwarded to my internal IP without probs. How do i forward my External IP to one of my clients instead of that internal IP on my "server" computer? Checked my Internetaccess settings in Norton(where u can put up rules for TCP/UDP conns) but couldn't find any valuable info on that issue.
Any Hints?

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  1. This might be pretty easy to do using the Ventrilo voice gaming client and sever software and your typical hardware router. Using your setup however this might prove more difficult.
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