best laptop for long battery life

What are some good choices for laptops that have
longer battery lifes? The purppose would be to use
for internet access (regular phone lines) during
power outages here in the boonies, and would endure
for several hours. My current compact armada only
lasts about 3 hours.
Alternatively, is there a laptop that can run directly off
a 12-volt battery supplied via a cigarette lighther type
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  1. best long battery life I have found is a compaq aero8000 or the HP equiv I cant remember it number at present.
    The aero will even take a IBM micro drive so it not a toy :¬) like most of the other CE options (pls dont flame me for that comment).
    Ive just got one for my son to use at school (all day without a mains adapter and instant on no waiting for the long boot up.
  2. The laptop you have currently is probably pretty close to the longest running that you can get. what compaqted armada do u have?? You could but a APS and use that to supply it with power. One of those should run a laptop for a while.

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  3. the best laptop computer which has a longer battery life is IBM A series and S30. In Korea and In Japan
    there is S30 model. cool design. It is sub lapto computer sir the battery can exist more than 4.5 hours. And You can check A series IBM laptop computer. It has Ultrabay 2000 battery. It is
    a second battery so when you install the second
    battery + original one. More than 5 hours.
    sorry for my poor English.
  4. you may find that smaller screen notebooks have longer battery life. I can't say that forcertain, BUT the LCD is the most power hungry part of most notebooks. The CPU only uses about 10% f the power.


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  5. most good laptops have screen brightness in their power management, it helps...

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  6. I just bought an Acer Aspire 4810t Timeline, and it has about a 6 to 8 hour battery life. The thing wieghs about 4 pounds and has a single core CPU, but its great for word and internet. The only thing I've seen it lag on is Diablo 2 and some other older games. The 6 to 8 hours is with wifi on and doing minimal things like surfing the net or writing a paper. I take mine to school and use it all day and charge it when I get home. I'm at school from 9am to 4pm most days. I got mine from Tiger direct for 399 as a refurb, not a thing wrong with it though. If you get it you will want to update the BIOS and make your backup CDs, then kill all the bloat ware. Its a 14 inch laptop, about an inch thick.
  7. Um.. topic was nine years old. Can an admin close this?
  8. funny no one suggested Fujitsu Life book - this model can run 8 hours on battery
  9. Hi there, I once spent rather a long time looking for a laptop with all day battery power. I have only ever found one (affordable) solution. I use very old DELL Inspiron 8000, 8100 or 8200 laptops - (currently the 8200 with 1GIG processor + 1GIG RAM plus 250GB Western digital ide hdd. I use this mainly for windows 2000 and office 1000 but also do gisof t analysis with Manifold System 8.0 for geographic profiling and Alibre Design Mechanical Cad software for some inventions I am working on. I find that the 8200 handles all of these tasks well. The laptop has one dedicated battery bay and one expansion bay that will take a second battery (same model as primary). Each of these batteries when new will run the laptop for 4.5 hours each so with two batteries loaded this means that it will run for nine hours. Also I have a second Inspiron 8000 in that is in poor condition but works well enough to charge two further dell batteries that I swap in and out of the 8200. THis effectively gives me 18 hours battery time (optimistically) or pretty much ongoing if I swp them in and out twice a day. A couple of dell inspiron 8200 series laptops could be had second hand for $150.00 each plus 4 batteries at $100 each totalling out at $700 for old second hand gear but gear that will go all day. Whilst it makes for a slightly heavy peice of kit that fact that it has high res 15 inch screen and the fact that you can work all day untethered makes up for this. Hope this helps Kindest Regards Jason

    PS I am planning on building a permanent magent gen erator to run my laptop!!!

    PPS Windows 2000 Plus Office 2000 ROCKS
  10. lotri said:
    Um.. topic was nine years old. Can an admin close this?

    Why would you close such a relevant topic. I mean sure it is 9 years old, but until they come out with the radio active 30 year laptop batteries (Beta-voltaic Battery) this topic is relevent: as battery life is the only thing making mobile computing not so mobile.
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