Windows 7 upgrade offer forms - What license do you get?

Hi everyone,

I'm building a PC so I'll need to buy an OS before Windows 7 is released. Windows 7 is a must-have for me so I've been looking into the Windows 7 upgrade program.

Now, seeing as I'm building this PC myself, the only way I can avoid buying a Vista copy only to buy a Windows 7 copy two months later appears to be by buying a Vista edition that comes with a Windows 7 upgrade offer form (such as this one). However, all Vista editions that come with the Windows 7 upgrade offer are under the OEM license.

This brings me to my question: Will the Windows 7 software that I receive by sending in the upgrade offer form also be under the OEM license or will it have a full/retail license? (I've been googling for more than two hours trying to figure this out but to my amazement I appear to be the only person who's been wondering about this)
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    To my knowledge, it will be an OEM Windows 7, not retail. I don't think MS would ever include an upgrade to a retail product in OEM packaging.
  2. It will be oem, no way they sell retail that cheap, come on!!!!!!!
  3. You could download use the free windows 7 for now...and check and see if the upgrade 7 will allow you to upgrade from RC to rtm.
  4. yes you can get a Retail Version of Windows 7 permitting that you have purchased the corresponding Windows Vista retail box after june 26, 2009. I have ordered a retail Windows 7 Home Premium because i had the Vista Home Premium retail version. Just send microsoft the sales receipt of windows Vista to a Buffalo address i think and hopefully when the Windows 7 releases, you ll get your boxed retail windows 7.

    PS: it all on microsoft's website under the OEM upgrades. try to find the link where its says Retail Upgrade.
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