I read how the PSP has a standard USB port but the memory sticks were not. So I was wondering if anyone knows if the PSP will recognize a USB flash drive (or even better one of the new USB hard drives that has been reviewed recently) and if you will be able to get content off of that.

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  1. The Sony MicroVault USB drive will work with the Sony PSP Playstation Portable. The MicroVault is nice because it allows you to partition it into as many separate drives as you need with the ability to password protect any or all of the partitions. cool huh?


  2. Can cheap usb sticks be a alternative to the expensive memory stick pro cards? I know that I have to preserve the directory structure in order the psp play videos and mp3 (and games :) its possible to play a video from a usb stick atached to a psp??? pls sommeone try it (the psp only come to europe in setember...
  3. Knowing sony, I doubt it.

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  4. Yes
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