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I recnetly noticed a drive listed in my computer its called Local Disk (Q:). It wasn't there befor and i can't access the drive at all according to windows its 0 bytes and has no file system... So then why is windows seeing it?
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  1. Do you have anything plugged into a usb port such as majicjack, usb stick, camera device, etc..? Devices like majicjack or even software such as alcohol 120 will load a imaged drive on your system. Drive letter Q is an odd lettering as it usually gives the next available drive letter not in use.

    Did you install any new devices/software on your system prior to seeing this?...
  2. I agree with previous post, something has installed a virtual drive by the look of things, alcohol 120 or similar type of program.
  3. Thats just it i haven't installed anything in the last 2 months it just appeared there. I can't think of any program that would add it all i have is deamon tools and its only set to add one drive. Which is working fine. Its not listed in disk management either its a ghost drive hideing from the OS for some reason...
  4. Do you have MS office 2010? I noticed I got a Q: drive after installing it! First post woohoo.
  5. There are previous threads with the same problem. Search THG for "Q Drive"

    I thinking is has something to do with "Virtual" drives. I couldn't find the answer in the thread I replied on. Sorry.
  6. love your sig
  7. Quote:
    I can't think of any program that would add it all i have is deamon tools and its only set to add one drive.

    That is what created the Q Drive under Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers. I have Deamon tools installed and have a "Q" drive even tough the drive letter shown in Explorer is "X:\".
  8. It was Office 2010 i uninstalled it and the "Q" disappeared. I think it was Q from star trek trying to be funny lol. Uninstalled deamon tools and it was still there so I guess office 2010 is just wierd...
  9. in the drive order, was the virtual drive from Daemon Tools "R" so when you installed Office the next drive letter was "Q"
  10. My deamon drive is on drive E. Office 2010 likes Q i guess...
  11. OK, someday I'll find out, when I get Office 2010, I really hate 2007
  12. I still have office 2010 BETA i would imagine some thing this obviouse would be fixed for the final release. Of course this is microsoft.. lol
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