Radeon 9500Pro Vs. GF4-TI4600 -ANXIETY !

Thanks to everyone for the advice on these two cards. My biggest problem now is my fear of the installation issues with a Radeon card. I installed all my GeForce cards myself(absolute non-techie type)-easy !I don't know a power source attachment or a bios flash from a grapefruit ! If I go for the Sapphire 9500 Pro at $ 177 at newegg.com I don't want to end up having to take my computer into a shop to eat up bucks after I screw up what seems like all those special install elements:
1. Remove all traces of Nvidia drivers
2. Hook up power connect from Radeon card to computer power source(who knows where that is?)
3. Have to crap around with my motherboard BIOS to get the card working right( which I know nothing about) !
I consider myself a competent gamer and reasonably computer literate, but not a hardware technician. Any suggestions to overcome my "Radeon Anxiety" ? My research and the prevailing opinion that the 9500 Pro is the best choice makes me want to take the plunge, HELP !
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  1. im confused.
    do you already have a ti4600?
    or are you considering upgrading to one of those two cards?
    i would assume the latter, but you did not make it clear.
    neways most people on this forum will tell you to get a 9500 pro, but its not LIKE A FREAKING CLEAR OWNAGE THING OK?! it really depends, some people might rather have the ti4600.
    the fact is, that the ti4600 is faster at most non dx9 things when not using aa or aniso, but when those things are used, the 9500 pro is faster. also if something uses dx9 or advanced dx8.1 stuff, the 9500 pro will be faster.

    ut2k3 is dx8, and w/o aa/aniso and at stock speeds the 4600 is a tad faster, im not sure about u2 though.

    go for the 9500 ok, and shutup ever1 else.

    BTW Unreal 2 is 1337 as fux0r and the graphics are amazing.

    Long live ATI.
  2. 1. the hard way is to reformat your hard drive and re-install windows. and im sure there is an easy way (simply uninstalling the drivers) but i dont know how. someone else know how?
    2. this is easy. just look around for a wire coming out of your power supply with a plug that fits into the power connector that is on the radeon. you cant screw it up.
    3. i dont think you have to mess with BIOS to install a new card, do you?

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  3. No worries...

    9 times out of 10, all it takes is pulling out the old card, plugging in the new, and installing the new drivers.
    Easy as that for either Nvidia or Ati cards.

    If you hang around these boards it seems worse, mostly because you don't hear complaints from people who have no problems.

    The only added bit with newer cards (New Radeons and Geforce FX's alike) is the power plug bit.
    That's easy as pie! You can't screw it up. There's only one type of plug in your computer that will fit the power plug, you can't possibly mess it up. :)

    Don't pick an inferior card! Conquer your fears, sir! The 9500 PRO will serve you far longer than a Geforce 4 Ti4600.

    We're here to help if you're the 10th guy out of 10 who has a problem. :)

    - Cleeve
  4. dude

    all you gotta do is:

    1)uninstall original cards drivers
    2)turn off computer
    3)remove old card
    4)stick in new card
    6)install new drivers

    these instructions arent manufacturer specific. i installed a radeon 8500 today actually (really i did) and it took all of 3 minutes. it was put in an OLD celeron 533 system on a AGP 2x board... so your worries are unfounded


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  5. Phial, you forgot to connect the floopy power connector to the card for the 9500P. :tongue:

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  6. watever :D

    the simplicity of my instructions was partly sarcasm

    but your right


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