New General Purpose Laptop <$600 with i5 and 15.5" or more

Looking to buy a general purpose laptop
- mostly for browsing, online streams, netflix /hulu movies, occasional MS Office work, negligilble gaming
- weight is not a concern as will be used mostly at home
- battery life is somewhat important
- better screen would be preferred
- intend to keep for 3-5yrs
- blu ray is not required

Key must haves:
-i5 or better CPU
-4GB or more
-integrated Graphics is fine
-15.5" or more with 1300x768 minimum
-500GB (5400rpm or better)
-excellent reliability and support

Nice to have:
-1MP or better webcam
-good keyboard and keypad

current short list is below (all with intel integrated Graphics)
ideapad z570 6GB - $600 online lenovo
ideapad v570 6GB - $580 at BestBuy
dell inspiron 15R 8GB Ram - $599 at Costco
asus k53 4GB- $450 at BestBuy

I liked asus U56e but can't seem to find anywhere to buy

leaning towards v570 but conflicted as asus has 2 year global warranty. i don't like k53 as it has only 4gb ram plus 0.3 MP webcam

webcam is important for skype

i am okay buying online as long as they have excellent return policy
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  1. thanks for the option but i am biased against acer. i prefer to stick with lenovo or dell based on my past experience and i have heard good things about asus.

    also this is an open box
  2. Missing links to the deals.
    Are you sure that budget Asus has a 2yr warranty? Seem more like it's 1yr at that price.
  3. Asus K53E-BD4TD $450 @ BestBuy the system specs are showing a 1yr warranty.

    "negligilble gaming" is pretty nebulous. Can you get more specific?
  4. links to deals below



    dell inspiron 15r|84&N=4047229%204294967022&Mo=13&No=10&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=

    acer link same as what wr2 posted above - you are correct it is 1yr - i may have confused this with some other warranty

    nero g570 is going to run close to $599 the deal i like is

    ideapad build is lightly better than lenovo essential and hence, i am leaning toward that.

    Question: I like v570 and will be checking it at BB store today. Is Lenovo V570 at $570 a better deal than Asus at $450? I know if I go with asus I will end up upgrading the memory and getting a separate webcam - that will cost me another $50 or so atleast.

    Is there a reason to not go for Lenovo v570?

    Thanks for all your responses.
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