Barbed Wire Project: Ventrue Deck

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As my daddy used to say, "This is the one I've been looking for all
this time... the last one." This deck is the last of my Barbed Wire
Projects. Derek Ray, rejoice.

I am out to try and build more players here in Dallas. The introduction

of a new player into the game to the game presents an intriguing set of

problems. Teaching them the intricacies of the game is a bit hard, but
I feel that's been pretty well solved already (at least, as best it can

be given the complexity of the game).

What you ideally would like to do is to get the new player playing as
part of your regular play group. Here is where it gets tricky. The deck

he will be playing will not be up to par with everyone elses deck.
While the multiplayer nature of VTES means that the table can react to

the fact that the new player's deck is not so good, that only goes so
far. This problem is often solved by giving the newbie a
sneak-and-bleed deck, but the problem then becomes the fact that he
only has one deck to play. He sees the rest of the group playing decks
that are doing snazzy thing and he tries to balance the desire to go
further into the game with the financial cost of doing so. This is the
problem I am trying to address.

I believe that when barbed wire was first introduced to the west that
one of the sales pitches was that it was, "Cheap as dirt and strong as
whiskey." That's what I'm trying to go for here, a series of decks that

are as cheap as dirt (i.e. you can give away/trade cheap multiple decks

without costing yourself) but strong enough to hold up to a table or
more expensive decks.

The fact that you are going to be giving away multiple decks dictates
that any such deck adhere to certain parameters: it can't contain more
than a few copies of any given card- I drew the line at five; it can't
utilize cards that you wouldn't freely want to give away- so loading up

on majesties and voter caps in your venture deck is probably not a good


To solve these problems I have made deck primarily of rarely used Jyhad

cards and limited the deck size to 60 cards. I have endeavored to make
one deck from each clan. Here is the Ventrue deck. Let me know what you


Crypt (all are Ventrue unless noted)
Democritus 10 Cap DOM PRE for aus cel Justicar +1 Bleed
Natasha Volfchek 9 Cap PRE FOR dom cel pot Primogen +1 Bleed, +1
stealth on PA
Emerson Bridges 8 Cap DOM PRE FOR pot Prince
Anson 8 Cap Torreador PRE CEL aus dom Prince Gain one extra MPA
Sir Walter Nash 7 Cap PRE DOM FOR Prince
Timothy Crowley 7 Cap PRE FOR dom ani Prince
Melissa Barton 5 Cap dom for pre cel Gains 1 blood whenever any player
forfeits the edge for a vote
Courtland Leighton 4 Cap pre dom for
Violett Prentiss 4 Cap PRE dom
Gideon Fontaine 3 Cap PRE
Roland Loursarrian 3 Cap pre for
Delilah Easton 2 Cap Torreador pre

Masters 13
Uptown Hunting Ground
3xMinion Tap
2xBlood Doll

Actions 14
2xEnchant Kindred
Ancient Influence
Disputed Territory
2xAncilla Empowerment
2xDomain Challenge
3xKine Resources Contested
3xConservative Agitation

Action Modifiers 11
2xVoter Captivation
3xBewitching Oration

Combat 11
4x Concealed Weapons
5x Majesty
2x Skin of Steel

Equipment 4
4x Sawed-Off Shotguns/.44 Magnum

Reation 7
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I was hesitant to get rid of Voter Caps, but it seemed really
    fundamental to the strategy. I liked Growing Fury and tried to work it
    into the BWP: Nosferatu deck, but I ended up going with a non-combat
    strategy instead. I do agree that it's nice to see cards that aren't
    often used.

  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    What would you say if we took out Anson and Delilah and added Rufina
    and a second Democritus. And then took out 1 Domain Challenge and 1
    Ancilla Empowerment to go with 2 Con Boons?
  3. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    "Preston" <> wrote in message
    > What would you say if we took out Anson and Delilah and added Rufina
    > and a second Democritus. And then took out 1 Domain Challenge and 1
    > Ancilla Empowerment to go with 2 Con Boons?

    Going for Ventrue only and the Con Boons is a good idea. But I would rather
    double up on Sir Walter Nash. He is really the best vampire in this crypt.


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