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When i have downloaded directx 9.0a, i cant seem to find where it gets saved too. I have windows xp pro and no matter where i look or even search too, i cant seem to find the folder in which its saved too.. does anyone have any ideas? i want to save it to a cd as when i have to reinstall for whatever reason, i hate having to download it, because over a modem it really is just so annoying you couldnt believe.. plus i have to do it over three pc's!! thats over an hour and a half of waiting there!!! i cant be bothered with waiting!!
could you help me?
thank you for the help!

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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  1. When you downloaded it you should have paid attention to where you downloaded it to. Guessing Documents, in AOLs download folder if you use AOL, outside of that I don’t know. And if I’m not mistaking once you do click on the DirectX 9a you will have to be on-line, because it will need further downloading, unless you downloaded it from somewhere where you get the full version.

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  2. Start the download again, and take note of the file name, and where the file is to be downloaded. Then stop the download before it actually begins, and search for the file name (with the advanced options enabled), or go directly to the folder which contains the file, and move it somewhere safe, preferably where you can find it.

    By the way, are you sure that this is the full redistributable version of <i>v9.0a</i> ... because while I don't have any problems downloading v9.0, I can't seem to find the full download of v9.0a anywhere on the 'Web. I saw that a very few people managed to grab the entire file when it was first released, but the chance to download it was limited, and most people just picked up the dxwebsetup.exe file.


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  3. I have since then found where all the files go, but there is (not as such anyway) an install script to install the files to the right directories..
    any ideas? it very annoying having to download this every time i reinstall a pc, esp. when it takes 40minutes over a sodding 56k modem!

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  4. I think all you found is a Direct X folder, not the install Direct X9a.
    Are you sure you didn’t run it from the location? Go to Start/Accessories/System Tools/System Information/ Tools/DirectX………..there you will see what DirectX you have, if you have DirectX 9a, then you must have run the application, instead of saving it, or you saved it some where and click on it to install.

    I’m thinking you’re going to have to download it again, if you don’t already have DirectX 9a install. And as Toey said he’s not aware of a full version of DirectX 9a as of yet, so I don’t know how your going to get it on a CD. If you don’t have the full version your going to have to be on line to install it.

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  5. The problem is that the installer is probably very small, like the IE installer. It downloads the files and then runs the installation and then deletes the files.

    what you really want is not the end-user RunTime but the Redistributable version found <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>


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  6. im not so sure what its doing, but its not one file when its downloaded and it doesnt say where its downloading it too..
    i have tried in so many different folders and looked at so many different files, i just cant see an installation of the directx 9 nor can i not understand why it wont install other than downloading.. im not lucky like most of you guys that has cable connections or t3.. i have a poxy 56k modem that takes sodding ages to do anything and its just so annoying you wouldnt believe...
    but anyway, i just know where its saved now, but cant get it to install.. im thinking i have to do that from the net..
    does anyone know where i could get an installer?

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  7. the only problem with the download that you have just sent me too (which i do thank you for so much!!) is that it will take 2.5 HOURS for me to download!!!! i want to cry!!
    why is the file so big? the xp version was only 6.9mbs for some reason.. what is so different about this version?
    thank you so much for the help.. its really appreatied

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  8. The only thing is, the link ghostkat provided was not for v9.0a, but v9.0. Microsoft has not chosen to release the latest version of DirectX as a redistributable version; not as of yet, although it has been promised to arrive soon. I expect this is because of some added bug fixes being incorporated as the initial release of v9.0a had a few problems with the ATI cards and Catalyst drivers.

    The reason the file you are looking at is so big is because it is complete. The web installer only downloads the necessary files needed for an update. And by the way, the non-SDK version of DirectX 9.0 is more like 32MB.

    I fully expect the file size of the redistributable version of DirectX 9.0a to be over 60 MB, with the SDK version coming in at over 200 MB, if my sources are correct.

    If you want to discover where the file is going that you just downloaded, search for the file name (dx90_redist.exe) with the advanced options enabled. Another way is to open the Registry editor from the the Start/Run menu (regedit.exe) and navigate to this key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer. In the right window pane, you'll see a name called Download Directory, and under Data, the default file path the browser is using for downloading files. (And this can be changed manually, by the way ... the browser simply "remembers" the last file path chosen.)

    I feel for you over the length of time it takes for a download like this, but despite the fact that some of us now have broadband, we all at one time sat in front of a system with a dial-up modem and spent many hours downloading files ... and sometimes watched the download fail at the last second, which can be extremely frustrating, as you might imagine. I first used a system with a 14.4 modem through AOL on a 486DX50 system ... now THAT was slow. It was <i>years</i> before I saw anything faster than a 56K modem unless I visited a corporation, and watched with envy as a tech downloaded a file over a T1 with a big grin.

    Have you considered <A HREF="" target="_new">imaging</A> your system as to avoid all the download time required for re-installations and updates?

    Question: What kind of video card do you have in your system? Unless you have a card that fully supports DirectX 9, there's not much point in downloading and installing the file. You'd be better off with sticking to v8.1.


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  9. well, firstly, thank you for a very informative read! i did learn a few things!
    secondly, the cards are only directx 8, (i have two g3 ti 200s at the moment.. im aiming for 9500 pro and a faster model of the 9800 pro reason being i had a 9700 pro and theres not much point jumping up one card, may as well go at least two, possibly 3!!)
    well about the broadband, i have been fighting to find out when it would be released but bt where always moving the time span.. on their web site im told i could get it and then when they do the test again, they say i cant.. it drives me mad.. about the t1 thing, how fast is that? a friend at uni has a cable connection and he tells me he can download 700mbs or thereabouts in an hour.. in an hour, im lucky to get 15mbs.. now that is such a huge difference, its untrue and to be honest, i really does pi** me off..
    i was able to image the hard drive when i was using 98, as i had norton systemworks and that had a ghost feature, but as i now have xp, it dont work because it uses ntfs.. which i know is better, so theres no point in me changing back.. frustrating? you bet!!!
    is the sdk a file for developers or for us normal people? if so, i will be waiting for 3 or 4 possibly 5 days to download it.. it will really take the mickey.. 60mbs is bad enough.. i have yet to download 3dmark 2003 to see what its like because of the size of it.. all 180mbs.. i just cant be bothered to wait for that long.. broadband for me is not wanted or just a phase, its something that i NEED.. its like air to a human or a pc to cool.. its something i need to survive!
    since i have 9, i will stick with that, but i really do need to move to get broadband.. i just cant live and dont want to live without it.
    once again, thank you so much for all the help that you have given me.. its really been helpfull :smile:

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  10. A full T1 downloads at 1.544 Mbps <A HREF="" target="_new">symmetrically</A>, unless it is <A HREF="" target="_new">bonded</A>, which means the speeds can vary from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps.

    I have an ADSL modem from Bellsouth which runs close to T1 speeds, which translates into an actual speed of 1MB-1.2MB or so every ten seconds, based on various speed tests I've performed. (That's 360-432MB an hour.) That's not nearly as high as some cable modems can achieve, but then again, the line is dedicated, and I don't have to share any of the bandwidth with my neighbors, or be quite so diligent about protecting my files against intrusions, since my LAN is just my four systems, and no one else. With cable, the LAN is you ... and <i>everyone</i> else. I'd never use anything except NTFS with a cable modem, because the extra security features are necessary. I also have very few synchronization issues with my ADSL modem, as well ... which wasn't the case with the RCA cable modem I had used previously.

    The newest versions of Ghost and Drive Image both support NTFS, but I'd advise avoiding <A HREF="" target="_new">dynamic disks</A> and sticking with basic volumes, if you want to stay away from potential errors.

    SDK = Software Development Kit. You don't need this version unless you are into creating DirectX compliant applications.

    You might find some help when checking for broadband availability in your area by accessing this <A HREF="" target="_new">site</A>.

    Later ...


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  11. I have two connections now which one is a T1 and being in Oz makes it very not worth while. No matter what I try I get high ping times on the ADSL line and it sux major for the huge price. Gotta love being on this side of the world!

    Enough of my rant and winge.

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  12. well, for starters i live in england, in a little small pi**y villiage and so broadband is very hard to come by..
    where i used to live, before i moved out to live with my gf, i could have got it there, but things got in the way of me staying there (long story, dont want to bore you with the details) which in a way is annoying as broadband i could have got there, so i wouldnt be worrying about how long it takes to download files, regardless of how big there are..
    its weird because with broadband, you say start downloading a 200mb file and within 10 to 20 minutes, (depending on speed of connection, which would be limited to 512k down here, 128k upload) wouldnt bother me because i would be able to see the speed increase of say 4k a sec to nearly 60k a sec.. this is what depresses me.. i think if you are downloading a 1mb every 10 secs its 60 mbs a minute, which works 3.6gig per hour.. which is at a constant speed and download and for that, its many times faster than my friends cable connection..
    as you assume you live in america i cant do anything other than dribble.. i assume most of your area around you is broadband enabled and that means fairly cheap prices doesnt it? we are paying here a month (if you are so lucky to be able to get it) £30 a month, which is roughly $45 a month for a 512k connection.. anything faster is double or triple the price.. so a 1mb connection is nearly £100 a month from some companies, which is $150 a month, just to get online..
    i really do find the prices, over the top for what we get..
    although ntl do cable up country and they offer a 1mb cable service (last i saw of it) at £35 a month, nearly $50 a month, which i didnt think to badly of...
    i hate living in a area so close but so far away.. its so annoying and frustating you couldnt imagine.. but then again, i bet you can..
    funny really when i first came online i had a p150 with 16mbs of ram and a 28.8k modem, now i have a 1.53ghz cpu, with 512mbs of ram and a crappy 56k sodding modem.. so frustrating.. I WANT BROADBAND!!!

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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