cant change resolution to 1024 * 768

i have a problem regarding my graphics card. i cant view 1024*768 resolution.

i have a samsung syncmaster 3 monitor (50/60hz). i cant find winxp drivers but i have acqquired older drivers.

My mohterboard is GA-7VA. i have 512mb ddr (kingston).

My graphics card is: (nvdia geforce mx 440 128mb ddr made by chaintech). i cant change the refresh rate on this card to optimal instead of default. im using windows xp. there used to be a feature on win 98 where i could change the adapter refresh rate from default to if there is such a tool or something else i can do please tell me.

(incase anyone old ainient graphics card under win 98 used to work fine on 1024 * 768, all i had to do was use the correct driver for the monitor, and change the adapter refresh rate to optimal instead of default).

thanx in advance.
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  1. Try un-installing the drivers for your graphics card and then re-installing them. Use a fairly new driver-revision.
    Also install more recent drivers for your monitor.
    Some drivers can be found <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>, although I didn´t find your monitor there. Have a look.

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  2. yes sounds like a driver problem ..

    are you stuck at 640x480? ouch hope your not

    i too suddgest to mess with your drivers. write down what video card you have and try to download XP compliant drivers because 95% of the time windows98 drivers dont work in XP


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  3. Firstly thanx for the response. ive tried looking for samsung syncmaster 3 drivers at several different sites, but i aint found any for xp. im already using the latest nvdia drivers. ive uninstalled and reinstalled loadsa times already with the latest ones etc...all i know is that my monitor can display 1024*768 with m old aincient card on win 98 and that was done by changing the adapter refresh rate which cant be done via if theres a tool u know of i can use this for, it would be appreciated...
  4. Thanx :) Ive tried various drivers new and old as previously mentioned. My actual graphics card is: Chaintech A-G446 with Nvdia geforce mx440 128mb ddr/tv-out. its on their website but alas nothing i haven already tried. im still waiting for their response.

    Luckily i aint stuck in 640*480, only 800*600 which is some consolation!!!
  5. hey try this link, I think your monitor is on here.

    hope this helps and good luck

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  6. You should be able to install the Windows 95 .inf for your monitor. It's not really a driver but it installs like a driver. Just change monitor in Display Properties, select Have Disk, and point it to the .inf file.

    If you don't have a disk then the previous post had a link where you can get the .inf file.

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  7. thanx, ive already got the old driver for this $hit monitor installed! :( it allows me to go upto 1024 but the screen is garbled as the graphics card isnt allowing it to go that high.or something :(
  8. Try a few of the drivers from the link Phuckface posted. Also try different Detonator version.

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  9. checked it out, my monitors not there unfortunatly, already got a old inf file for 98 which does work, it shows 1024 but the display flickers & is garbled so i have to use 800*600. its so infuriating!
  10. Sounds like you have a refresh rate set higher than your monitor can do at 1024x768 resolution.

    Now how to change this?

    You could try downloading program called Powerstrip. Do a search. It's readily available. It's very good at detecting monitors' true capabiliies.

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  11. I dont think your graphics card is the limiting factor here. My nVidia Riva TNT2 32MB AGP Graphics card can go up to really high resolutions that require 21" monitors.

    How do I know. Well I plugged in my sisters monitor (15" Proline) and because there was no driver disk I had to rely on the standard plug and play monitor drivers in Windows. This limited me to 1024 x 768. Yet when I plugged in a really old CTX 15" monitor it registered that CTX monitor correctly and I could get resolutions up to 1280 x 1024.

    My point being because your using an old monitor driver that is the limiting factor. Updating the graphics card drivers will help your graphics card no end but dont use an old driver for your monitor.

    First go to the Display properties and click the settings tab. Click the Advanced tab and then click the monitor tab. Click the change button and then search for your monitor in the avalible list.

    If that doesnt help then go to the manufacturer's website. With regard to your query about there being a default and optimal and default option. I am not really an XP user but I noticed this when I was in a shop and changing the refresh rates. This looks like a hit and miss affair. Remember if no picture shows up leave the keyboard and mouse for 15 secs and the monitor should revert to the original setting.

    Lemme know how you did.

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