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Broken laptop screen replacement?

i need a replacement screen for my Toshiba satellite A665-S6086 PART NO. PSAW0U-02N033 but i cant find any good price for it, or a webpage that looks legit to but it anyone knows where i could get one from a good store for a fair price? thanks in advance
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  1. before going there, is the screen physically broken? like a hole in it? if not, and the laptop works when connected to an external monitor try shining a flashlight at the screen with it powered on and disconnected from the external monitor. if you can see an image then the inverter, cable, or backlight are out, which are cheaper to replace. if you see no image the screen cable itself may be damaged, also cheaper to fix.
  2. yes, its the laptop of a friend actually, the laptop fell from a table and the screen is pretty much broken, i found this image which looks like mine
  3. ah. in that case nevermind. just wanted yo be on the safe side. you might consider looking around eBay for a screen . possibly a non working laptop going for cheap. even if the screen doesn't work it might be worth a shot if its cheap enough since you have a good backlight and inverter. Ill poke around for a decent looking website as well.
  4. thanks for the fast answers =) , i dont really know what you mean by good backlight and inverter i tough i had to change the whole thing

    btw remember that is not my actual laptop, that is just a photo i found of the same problem Toshiba satellite A665-S6086 PART NO. PSAW0U-02N033 is the one we aim for
  5. well, what I mean is if your friends still lights up like that, and someone put the same model up on eBay because it doesn't work even if their is screen wont come on THEIR problem may be the backlight or inverter. its not very likely for the screen itself to actually go bad. so if it was very cheap and he can't afford a new panel it might be worth a try. no guarantees of course so the risk between that and the cost of a new screen, or the cost.of a new laptop have to be condidered
  6. ok i opened the laptop and the screen series number is says its samsung LTN160AT06-U04 i found it on ebay around $120 is this a good price?
  7. what size and resolution is it? I had a different part number but I am probably wrong. I was going to ask you for the part number so thanks
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    I would consider 120 reasonable. anywhere cheaper is sold out, average is 150. nothing cheap out there to try a part swap with. and with eBay you have buyer protection in case its broken
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