This Gateway i3 desktop vs HP Pavilion i3 Desktop?

Both are in similar price range. One has 6gb of Ram, the other 8gb. One is 1TB, the other 1.5TB

Which one is better quality wise? I know all brand can have its bad and good batches.

Just trying to see what the consensus is on these two?

Gateway i3 processor 6gb Ram, 1TB etc.

HP Pavilion i3 processor 8gb Ram, 1.5TB etc.
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  1. HP is better than Gateway. I have been using HP products for the best part of the last 5 years both at home and work. I have used Laptops, Desktops, Workstations and Servers form HP and very very happy with all of them. HP always offer great products and good prices and have an excelent customer service.

    We have just upgraded all our IT equip at work for HP and as I type this message, I am typing it on a brand new HP desktop which I am very pleased with. HP also run some great offers, such as 'Trade-In' offers (business customers only I thnk) and we were able to trade in all of our old computers and get £150 for each one and they were only worth about £50.

    HP all the way, Gateway are just not that well known compared with HP. HP sponser things like Formual 1. When have you ever seen sponserhip coming from Gateway!
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