(Tournament report) Shared Nightmare, Utrecht 2/7

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Hi all,

Here is a very brief report (sorry, I really have no time...)
of the "Shared Nightmare" tournament held in Utrecht,
The Netherlands, on Saturday, July 2, 2005.

We had 16 players in attendance. After three rounds of
battle, the following players made it to the finals:

Tobias op den Brouw (ani/dom) 1 GW 6 VP
Jeroen van Oort (ani/obf) 1 GW 6 VP
Debbie van den Broek (Tremere obf powerbleed) 1 GW 5 VP
Ralf Lammert (!Ventrue for/dom) 1 GW 4 VP
Emiliano Imeroni (Mata Hari Sensory Deprivation) 1 GW 4 VP

Order of play was:
Emiliano -> Ralf -> Tobias -> Jeroen -> Debbie

The final was written almost from the beginning. I had to
Sensory Deprive both of Debbie's big minions to survive her
heavy bleeds, so Jeroen had an easy game against both of us,
also because Ralf helped him by repeatedly torporizing
Mata Hari in exchange of the promise of a VP. But Jeroen
ousted him as well, and soon after did the same with
Tobias, for a flawless table sweep.

Congratulation to Jeroen, and thanks to all players
for a very nice event!

Jeroen van Oort's winning decklist follows:


Name: Deeper Underground
Author: Jeroen van Oort
"Look in the sky, it's a raven. No, it's a bat.
No, it's a crow, No it's a swarm of them all!!!"

Crypt 12
Christianus Lionel, The Mad Chronicler
Nigel the Shunned
Calebros, the Martyr
Bobby Lemon
Roger Farnsworth
Panagos Levidis
Shannon Price, the Whisperer
Clarissa Steinburgen

Library 90

Master 14
6 Blood Doll
2 Direct Intervention
2 Heidelberg Castle
2 Animalism
1 Slum Hunting Ground
1 Dreams of the Sphinx

Obfuscate 17
3 Faceless Night
6 Cloak the Gathering
2 Lost in Crowds
2 Glotho's Gift
4 Behind you

Animalism: 37
5 Cats' Guidance
3 Guard Dogs
7 Raven Spy
7 Aid From Bats
8 Carrion Crows
3 Pack Alpha
3 Canine Horde
1 Army of Rats

Non-skilled: 22
7 Forced Awakening
5 Computer Hacking
2 Delaying Tactics
1 J. S. Simmons, Esquire
1 Tasha Morgan
3 Dodge
3 Laptop Computer


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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad (More info?)

    And for kix my #2 deck.

    Deck Name: Dominated Pets

    Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 7, Max: 22, Avg: 3,58)
    1 Lisa Noble ani 1 Caitiff
    1 Bobby Lemon pro ANI 4 Gangrel
    1 Lord Ashton for pro ANI 5 Gangrel
    1 Shane Grimald ani dom pot 4 Gangrel
    1 Caitlin aus dom ANI PRO 6 Gangrel
    1 Laurent de Valois ani dom obf 4 Nosferatu
    1 Mouse ani 2 Nosferatu
    1 Dani ani 2 Nosferatu
    1 Gillian Krader ani dem 2 Pander
    1 Sarisha Veliku chi dom ANI FOR 6 Ravnos
    1 Zip ani 2 Ravnos
    1 Alejandro Aguirre ani aus dom tha 5 Tremere

    Library: (90 cards)
    Master (17 cards)
    1 Pentex Subversion
    1 Anarch Troublemaker
    3 Animalism
    5 Blood Doll
    2 Dominate
    2 Dreams of the Sphinx
    1 Rumour Mill, Tabloid
    1 Fame
    1 Heidelberg Castle

    Action (8 cards)
    5 Bum's Rush
    3 Govern the Unaligned

    Action Modifier (4 cards)
    4 Conditioning

    Reaction (16 cards)
    7 Deflection
    5 Wake with Evening`s Freshness
    2 Delaying tactics
    4 Forced Awakening

    Combat (33 cards)
    13 Aid from Bats
    10 Carrion Crows
    5 Pack Alpha
    3 Taste of Vitae
    2 Canine Hordes

    Retainer (10 cards)
    3 Owl Companion
    7 Raven Spy
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