Connecting Desktop Speakers to a Laptop

I'm trying to connect my desktop speakers to my laptop and its not working. Im connecting the speakers from speakers input cord to the laptops headphone connection. Headphones work fine when plugged in so I have no idea why the other speakers aren't working. Also the speakers are amped up so It should just amplify the sound.
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  1. Did you plug the power in?
  2. Good point - is there a power indicator light on the speakers? Is it on?
  3. Yep the lights on but theres no sound, im thinking it might not be working because its plugged into the headphone jack instead of the speaker output like it was on my desktop.
  4. I am unaware there is a difference between laptop and desktop 3.5 mm audio out.
  5. Well its the same same 3.5mm connection but since it is designed for headphones it may put out a less powerful signal
  6. A 3.5mm jack is a 3.5mm jack regardless of desktop or laptop. It's designed as a audio output not specific to headphones or speakers as it's the same exact signal and power. Make sure it's not in the mic slot instead of the speaker slot. Check to see if the correct sound device is selected.
  7. Nevermind I fixed it, I forgot that there was an external volume control that was turned off.. thanks for the help though
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