ti4800se (ugh.) Direct3d Issues

Well, I had some bad problems with an old PNY ti4600, so I figured I'd replace it with what was listed on the site I bought it from as "GeForce4 ti4800" of course I didn't research too deeply into it, and now I'm stuck with an SE (which I see now is an 8x 4400, but oh well. :) )

My issue is that Direct3d won't start, it gives me an error message (that's actually what dxdiag says: "(Error Message)" and then subsequent attempts give me an "(out of memory)" error.

When I run DXDiag, the processor usage shoots up to 100%, and the temp of the cpu rises dramatically (8 degreees celcius) until dxdiag is closed.

I can play UT2003 in OpenGL mode, but some effects suck in OpenGL compared to D3D; and many things such as video playback are using 100% cpu time now, which I am attributing to a crap driver.

So my question is, how can I get Direct3D working once more? Is it not functional because of a driver issue (detonator 43.45 I'm using)?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. I uninstalled the 4345 driver and used 4104. (the closest to the formerly stable 4072 that I used on the old 4600.)

    Direct3D accelleration came back, as did AGP texture accelleration(s); however now my 4800 is doing the same thing the 4600 did; not saying "128" under ram, but rather 32. UT2003 however, runs at 1024*768 with all the goodies on at a steady 60fps. Is it just windows whacking out on me, or what?

    Any ideas?

  2. Tell us about your system. And what your bios settings are....you know...AGP aperature(memory)size, cas latency settings, current video driver, chipset driver...etc..

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  3. i dont know what the rest of your system is but at 1024x768 max detail you should be getting more fps than that in ut2k3, unless you have AA or aniso on.

    Long live ATI.
  4. I dont have such severe problems with my asus 4800se, but windows says i only have 32 mb of ram instead of 128.

    i believe it does cut into the performance of the card. on my pc, 3dmark2001se will crash halfway through the tests, and i've noticed that the frame rates r not as high as it should be.

    i tried installing older nvidia driver (42.3), updated 4 in 1 drivers (have an abit kd7 mobo) n even upgraded dx8.1 to dx9. No go.

    frustrated, i took a harddisk from my old pc (its a PIII), put it in my new pc (Athlon 2200), formatted it, installed windows xp, installed nvidia 42.3 detonatar n voila!!! 128 mb ram n 3dmark scores are where it should be (cant quite remember, but i think it should be around 11000-12000???).

    problem is, formatting the original harddisk on my athlon is not a viable solution. so right now I'm still stuck with 32 mb ram and mediocre performance. Anybody know a solution that does not require formatting ur harddisk?
  5. omg wats this? Nvidia handing out drivers that dont work? NEVER only ATI does that


    *flips finger to Nvidia fanboys who claimed ATI has sucky drivers*


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  6. I just disassembled everything and put it all back together, reformatted, installed a fresh XP, and everything was pushing up daisies, 128M, Direct3D was working (w/DirectX8a, mind you) and I thought my problems were solved. However after a reset the card jumped back to 64, and direct3d stopped working (now, rather than (error message) and (out of memory), it simply says it can't create the device. I currently have 128M showing, and no Direct3D on 4235 drivers.

    It appears that the current drivers are just whack, and I'll have to deal with openGL until someone important runs into our problem and a new driver is released.

    Any other ideas?

  7. dude, u should try putting ur card in another pc n see if there's a problem. if so, then most probably ur card is defective or ur card is not compatible with ur other hardware.
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