Yet another laptop advice thread!

Hello, TH! Thank you for the helpful thread layout that was provided. It's great that people are willing to help with these threads. I'm very sorry about the jumbled mess of specifications but I don't know *** about hardware.


Ideally about £1,000. Maybe up to £1,200? Oh god how are laptops so expensive.


Is not really important. It can be grossly overweight and seriously considering liposuction if that will save me money.


Well. About....medium, should be fine? What is resolution even good for anyway.

Portable or desktop replacement?

Who in the what now? The latter, I guess. I'm not going to be using it on top of mountains and in the deepest Amazon, which I presume people do based on ads for ultra-portable laptops I see around.

Battery life!

I'll have it plugged in the majority of the time, so the battery can be a steaming pile of crap for all I care.


Sims 3 and all of the expansions and probably a bunch of downloadable content as well. Ideally I'll be able to play most games on pretty high settings. Specific games include:

Sims 3
DDO (an MMO)
Basically things on that level. If it could run DX 11, that would be great. DX 11 is something graphics related probably? I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Other things I will be doing!

Browsing the Internet for hours on end. Occasional word document use. Does it matter that I prefer Google Chrome? Almost certainly not.

Hard drive capacity!

Ummmmm, well my old laptop has 27.4 gb free of 109 and I have Vista, which I hear takes up lots of space, and a lot of Sims 3 games. So, somewhere around that much. One of the main things I do want is a solid state drive rather than some shoddy disc bullshit. So I guess I will have to pay through the nose for that.

Considering specific sites?

I am not considering any specific sites!

10. How long do you want to keep your laptop?

At least three years! I know that is quite a while. But won't it be pretty easy if I have an SSD?

What the hell are optical drivers?

I do not know. Is it the slot where games go in? I need one that takes games.

Am I a brand snob?

No. I am not.



Additional stuff

As a summary:
I'd like an SSD with about 120 GB
A really good graphics card would be preferable
High speed Internet connection. Is this even hardware based? I don't know anything about that
Can it maybe have a not *** microphone and webcam as well? These are really not very important as I suspect that if I want anything even remotely viable I'll have to buy them seperately.

Somehow whenever I go on a site like Dell I put in all the stuff I want and the laptop comes out costing about a MILLION BILLION pounds, so I turn humbly to you.

I also saw some Razor or Razer or something laptops that looked pretty cool with their weird buttons for using shortbars and their weird mice, also for using shortbars. That sounded pretty cool. Is there some way of marrying all of this other stuff with a Razor laptop? Probably not even for the princely sum of £1,000, but it was worth a shot.

Thanks again! :bounce:
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  1. You can't find a gaming laptop w/SSD under 1000 GBP but that's no big deal IMO,you can always add SSD later.
    Your best choice is MSI GT780DX
  2. Thanks a lot. The laptop looks great! (I'm glad SOMEONE replied!)
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