GF3 Ti500 tv-out problems (not a newbie question)

I had hercules gf3 ti200 and tv-out worked great, I recently bought ti500 version, and now tv-out does'nt work. (connected with s-video-composit cabel)
When I check tv display, monitor goes out (as it should) and picture does'nt apear on the tv and my computer freezes. (it does'nt go back on the monitor after 15 second).
When I discconect monitor and leave only tvout in function, I start computer I can see picture on the TV (loading WINXP screen), but when it's time to see WELCOME screen nothing happened, and my computer freezes again. ARGHHHHHHHHH
Please help
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  1. When you changed cards, did you install a new driver?....regardless, try a different driver.

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  2. I tried new, old, original from hercules..., it does'nt work. I tried seting 60 Hz refresh rate on monitor before I click on TV... and nothing.
  3. I found progy called tvtool and works great.
  4. Yea, it does work great, but you have to register it...

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  5. Weeeeeell, you don't HAVE to.......... ;-)

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