Any laptops with one graphics card???

I might be getting a new laptop for school and light gaming and am looking for a laptop with ONE graphics card. Every computer I have been looking at has a onboard integrated card and a dedicated card. Problem is I tried one with that set up and it is terrible. Two cards simply do not work right. So is there a laptop in the 700-800 range with one dedicated graphics card??? I will not buy a dual card config again because the integrated only seems to work leaving the dedicated card just costing more and taking up space. Nvidia optimus is total junk.
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    nonaddictedgamer said:
    Problem is I tried one with that set up and it is terrible.
    Operator error?
    It's actually quite good if you know how work with Optimus profiles.

    Even if you go back into the Core 2 Duo laptops all the laptops will have integrated (on the motherboard) IGPs like Intel GMA 4500xx or AMD Mobility HD 4250.
    But at least you wouldn't need to mess around with Optimus or AMD Switchable Graphics.

    One example: Alienware M11x C2D SU7300 & GT 335M $650
  2. Drivers have come a long way, there shouldn't be any issues. If you have any issues we are here to help. You could even get a laptop with a physical switch if you still don't trust software to switch for you. Although there are ways to force use of either gpu without a physical switch.
  3. You can force it.

    ex) nvidia Control panel (right click) change graphics processor.

  4. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 with an i5-2410m and a dedicated nVidia GT 550m. I had no problems switching between the Intel HD 3000 graphics core and the GT 550m... Actually, I did have one problem about 2 weeks after my purchase. The GT 550m would not be recognized by Win 7. Re-installing Win 7 to factory settings fixed the issue. It was weird, but it never happened again (3 months ago).

    Dual graphics core laptops are the present and the way of the future. All laptop AMD and Intel CPUs will from now on have an integrated graphics core within the processor.

    If you want a laptop with only one graphics core then...

    #1 - Buy a laptop and just rely on the integrated graphics core.

    #2 - Buy an older laptop that does not have a processor with an integrated graphics core. That means a laptop with a 1st generation core i3/i5/i7 CPU (or before), or a laptop that does not use AMD's Llano A4/A6/A8 APU.
  5. For battery life yes, for stability no. I choose one card.
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