Satellite a105 trouble

I cleaned out my toshiba a105 heatsink yesterday b/c it was getting super hot. The laptop worked perfect all day yesterday and today up until a couple of minutes ago. The touchpad stopped working. I reset the computer and it was not tracking properly. I opened the laptop back up cleaned the ribbon cable and put it back together and got the same thing. The crazy thing is I held the keyboard away from the laptop and the mouse worked perfectly. As soon as the the clips or any part of the keyboard hit the laptop it would stop working. I played with ribbon cable and held the keyboard and the mouse worked perfectly.

It seems as if something was shorting but the laptop is fine other than that. I switched the power supply and now the touchpad works perfectly. Out of curiosity I used the original power supply and the touchpad still works.

Anybody have an idea ? cause I don't want this problem comming back
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  1. BUMP from the dead!
    The other day a single drop of water was on the touchpad and had the same results (mouse would pretty much move where it wanted) I wiped the water and the touch pad is still fine. Could it be a bad ribbon cable ? I have to open the case again I just don't want a problem.
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