Asus G60VX overheating?

I've been debating asking this question for a while now, but finally after much annoyance, frustrastion and just plain being worried about my laptop, I decided to ask.

I got an Asus G60VX-RBBX05 laptop used a few months ago. I didn;t really pay too much attention to this until my father pointing out how loud the fan was when I was browsing the web.

I replaced all the thermal compound but it didn't seem to help, I opened up the flase vent/speaker on the underside of the laptop, but, no help either. My CPU idles at around 50 C and my GPU at 83 C. and under load reaches 105-108 C (GPU) I tried underclocking with EVGA Precision (yes, you can, in fact, clock it with Precision) but it only dropped my idle temp 5 C.

Yes, it does kind of feel hot on my lap, and it does smell off, I don't know if that is the new thermal compound, or what. But I am still not sure if the sensor is accurate, and if I should be worried or not.

So, should I be worried? Can this thing really boil me a cup of tea while I'm playing Black Ops? Or is my sensor off, and is my fan just freaking out about it? If it really is that hot, besides cutting the smart fan control wire, what else can I do (I may wire up a pot to control the fan speed, and cut the wire, but I don't think that will help as much I would like.)

Sorry, probably a little long winded, I try to be comprehensive, and I probably still forgot something important.
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  1. OK, 1st of all, your temps does seem high for the use your laptop has. Idle at 50C is perhaps a little high but your GPU temp of 83C on idle is very high and under load at 105C is VERY high and would suggest not gaming untill you sort outt he overheating issue. What is your CPU temp under load?

    I would suggest checking your CPU and GPU heatsink/fan is fitted correctly and I would also suggest replacing and upgrading the Thermal Compound on both the CPU and GPU with Arctic Silver 5 or similar. Check your heatsink/fan is not clogged with dust, use some compressed air or breath to clean out, best to remove from your laptop and clean. If temps are same try using both your BIOS and 'COreTemp' to check your temps and confirm what you are getting. Virus's can put strain on our CPU and utilise your CPU usage and thus heating it up, complete a virus check, just encase.

    Have you overclocked any of your hardware, CPU or GPU? If so, remove the overclock. How quickly does your CPU and GPU reach those temps? Does the laptop have plenty of airflow behind/side/underneath?
  2. CPU under load is between 50 and 60 C according to HWMonitor (don't trust it anymore, see second paragraph) , it really isn't my biggest concern. Thermal compound was replaced with Arctic Silver 5. When I replaced it I made sure the fan and heatsinks were seated right. I did clean out the fan shroud.

    Good news though, CoreTemp is registering under 40 C for both my CPU cores but, no reading for GPU. But if that is any indication, HWMonitor and Precision are probably off on my GPU reading as well.

    RealTemp readouts are the same as Coretemp for CPU and same as HWMonitor for GPU, however

    Airflow is not a concern it's always propped up while gaming. Overclocked, no, underclocked yes, but it is at stock clocks right now. I'll run a virus scan soon.
  3. Do you have Windows Vista or 7? I use a Windows Gadget to monitor my GPU temps, its very accurate and never let me down during overclocking.

    Give it a try and post your temps of your GPU.
  4. With that gadget, only a few degrees cooler under load, same idling. my CPU hardly seems to get a workout, its been under 50 C no matter what it seems, and the GPU temp returns to under 80 C within a few minutes. I don't know if that makes a difference.

    Because of how fast it returnes to idle temp, my guess would be I have a clock issue, or a voltage issue, but I have no idea how to fix that. I tried getting Asus Probe and SmartDoc to work, to check these things, but no avail.
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