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Hey all,
I'm searching for a small laptop that comes with integrated 3g+gps, or has an open mini PCIe slot for use with something like http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Ericsson-Wireless-Laptop-Notebook/dp/B0058O9OR8
A few of Dell's Latitude and XPS models come with integrated 3g+gps, using gobi cards I believe. These models are a bit bulkier than I have in mind. Do any of the macbooks or ultrabooks have open PCIe slots? I don't think any of them come with integrated 3g+gps... suggestions??

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  1. You could probably replace the standard WiFi/Bluetooth mini PCIe card in most laptops with an aftermarket PCIe network adapter card.
    Check with your carrier to find what cards are compatible with their data service.
    And you'll need to ensure the antenna array is also compatible.
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