4x AGP card VS Integrated NForce2 video

Ok... I said the big swear words "Integrated Video"... please forgive my insolence.

Now, I was just at my local computer store today and I was talking to the guy about nForce2 Motherboards. I was looking at putting a MSI K7N2 with an ATI Sapphire Radeon 9100 128MB, but he said that the MSI K7N2G with integrated graphics will blow away the 9100 because the card is only 4x. Apparently with the integrated graphics NF2 board paired up with an AMD Barton 2500+ they got benchmarks around 5000.

Can anyone support or discredit this claim? Am I better off with the integrated graphics to build my system until I can scrounge up the cash in another couple months for an 8x AGP 128MB vid card?

Thank you for your assistance.

PS. Proposed build for system Athlon XP 2200+/512 MB 333DDR Ram/(one of the above Mobos)/40GB Maxtor 7200rpm HD/LG 52x24x52x CDRW/and any floppy drive I can find.
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  1. well i doubt it will blow away the 9100, in fact, its the other way around, and 4x vs 8x means nothing.
    but overall its not a bad combo (dont kill me!), true its no 9800 pro but for many people its ok. itll play ut2k3 alright.
    but i say go for the 9100.

    Long live ATI.
  2. The guy is on crack. That's like my local dealer selling a guy a 128MB GF4MX440 to replace his TI4200 64MB because "it has more memory so it must be faster".

    I can see how someone who didn't know anything about the performance levels of such parts could make this mistake, however to claim such as fact when they are only guessing is almost criminal.

    The 9100 will blow away the GeForce4 MX440 in most games. An integrated GeForce4 MX, using much slower system RAM, will do even worse. And AGP8x makes not a bit of difference with current technology, not even to the 9700 Pro, which runs as fast in 4x mode as in 8x mode.

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  3. You can use nForce2 IGP as a stop gap graphics card, to save money now and buy a Radeon 9500/9600 Pro later when you have money. But if you don't have this plan, then buy Radeon 9100.

    BTW, the 128 MB versions of Radeon 9100/8500LE use slower memory than 64 MB versions. Buy a 64 MB Radeon 9100, 128 MB VRAM is useless in almost every game. And for Radeon 9100, 64 MB is enough for all games.

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  4. actually an nforce 2 board with dual channel ddr400 has as much bandwidth as an mx:)
    but still...

    Long live ATI.
  5. Nah, only one channel works with video I think, and then you're limitted to a 64-bit path.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  6. Thanks for the info. I googled a bit and was able to find a couple of benchmarks that compared an IGP nforce2 board with a 9700 and without. The results are dramatic: 5000 without 15000 with. The frame rates for games like Quake 3, etc. aren't really even close. The general consensus is indeed that it will do for the casual gamer (I would probably fit myself in this category as right now I've got a blistering K6-2 266) but that more enthusiastic gamers would be let down.

    The nice thing to see was that when the 9700 was put in an IGP board that the performance was right back up there with the nforce2 board without IGP. Thus, this is probably the way that I'll go because if I load up and start playing heavy duty games right after I build the system, I'm sure my wife will kill me!

    Once again, thanx for the input!
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